Amazing Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake is located in the northeast of Qinghai Lake province and the northwest of Xining city, the capital city of Qinghai. It is the biggest inland lake in China as well as the biggest salt lake. Totally it covers an area of 4456 square kilometers and the lake perimeter is over 360 kilometers which is in the shape of oval.

The main natural sceneries in Qinghai Lake are QinghaiLake, Bird’s Island, Haixin Island, Sand Island, Erlangjian Scenic Area and etc. The race “Tour of Qinghai Lake” has held here since 2002. Every July and August, participants will gather inQinghaiLakeand show us their great bicycle skills. This makes Qinghai Lake more charming and been known to more.

Absolute China Tours also arrange a tour about Cycling and Bird-watching along the Qinghai Lake During this tour, you will appreciate the natural scenery of Qinghai, experience cycling around as well as feel the culture and hospitality of the local Tibetan families. The best time to visit is from May to October. And in July and August, Qinghai Lake will decorate by many kinds of flowers and will show you her elegance and beauty.

I am now can’t wait to showing you the wonderful pictures of Qinghai Lake and hope you will enjoy yourself.

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