Flower Tours in China, Where to see Peach Blossoms

Number One: West Lake (Hangzhou)

The shimmering ripples delight the eye on sunny days/The dim hills present a rare view in rainy haze./West Lake compares to xizi the beauty at her best/She is gorgeous richly clothes or plainly dressed. West Lake, the poetic landscape which resembles a giant landscape painting, evokes every Chinese’s vision of paradise. Nestling within rolling hills on three sides and greets the sprawling urban jungle on the other, West Lake lures travelers for its scenery and heritage. Numerous myths, legends and stories originate from here, such as Lady Snake White and Butterfly Lovers.

Time your visit during spring, so you can stroll along the willow-lined Su Causeway and Bai Causeway gracefully, and feast eye on the bustling peach and cherry blossom. These winding causeways connecting a wealth of museums, artifacts and parks will create an illusion of walking above water.



Number Two: Thousand-Island Lake

Known as a lake with one thousand islands, Thousand-Island Lake hailing from suburb Hangzhou is a choice spring outing destination. No matter what kind of camera you possess, it won’t fail you during spring. Avoid those touristy islands and hire a yatch from locals to reach remote ones, where massive peach forests burst out eye-dazzling blossoms. In no time, you can find the photographic lines, palettes and compositions.

Number Three: Linzhi   Flower period: March 15 to April 30.

Each March, when the snow-capped mountains still sparkle in the horizon, the valleys and hills of Linzhi have been colonized by a sea of pink, red and white peach blossoms.

Set against the Snow Mountains and blue sky, the scene is simply breathtaking. The wild peach trees thrive here feature twisted and thick branches, which are covered by multiple-layers of tiny and numerous flowers.

Celebrated on April 1, Peach Blossom Festival , the annual grand event of Tibetans, will involve festivities like archery contest, Guozhuang Dance, singing and dancing .

Photography Site: Gala Taohua Village (Gala Peach Village), Linzhi County

Number Four: Xijiao Hill, Foshan City, Guangdong


Encompassing an area of 2,870,376 square feet, Xijiao Hill has the biggest peach garden in Guangdong province. 4000 peach trees of over 100 species call this place home. Qingzhimilun(清枝密伦), the most precious peach here, will give birth to crystal white flowers. Besides, Xijiao Hill also harbors over 40 kinds of Azaleas.

How to get there: 

(1) 15-Day China Honeymoon Trip include West Lake Trip

(2) Thousand Island Trip


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