Wuyuan County in Spring

It is March now in China, the spring wind is soft and everything is waked up by the calling of spring. Willows begin to sprout along the lake banks and two sides of the rivers, very charming. Flowers are also competed to each other to grow to be ready to bloom. Spring is a nice season. Today, let us appreciate its beauty in Wuyuan County.

Situated at the junction of Jinagxi, Zhejiang and Anhui province and in the northeast of Jiangxi province, Wuyuan County is one of ancient centers of Huizhou culture in China. It is named as one of the most beautiful county in China and is a famous tourism area for culture and ecology. And Yellow Mountain is close to its north side. The attractions in Wuyuan County will give you a sense of ease and mystery. Continue and see!


Likang Village

Likang Village is also one charming place. There are about 260 families living there along the two sides of the river which harmoniously form a wonderful picture consisting of tiny bridges, following brook and hamlet homes.


Wangkou Village

In the northeast of Wuyuan County, Wangkou is also known as Yongchuan. It was an village that main villagers are in the family name of Yu because it was built by Yu Gao, an official in Song Dynasty (1110). The scenery in Wangkou is absolutely nice.


Jiangling Terrace Field

Jiangling has the most beautiful rural scenery in Wuyuan. When standing on the top of the hill, the terrace fields will appear in your eye. In spring, you will see the blossom rapeseed all along the fields and hills.


Sixiyan Village

Built in the year of 1199 (Song Dynasty), Sixiyan Village has a history of 800 years. It is in Sikou Town and the buildings in the whole village are mainly in the style of Ming and Qing Dynasty, bluestone alley crossing houses, old houses, rivers…


Rainbow Bridge

Also, Wuyuan has a very special bridge– Lounge Bridge, a bridge that has the roofs. This kind of bridge not only has the elegant and polished appearance, but it can provide a shelter for people in a rainy day. The bridge has a length of 140 meters and 3 meters wide where you can appreciate the beauties sitting on the stone benches.


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