Tangxi Ancient Town Day Field Trip

24 January 2013.

As a part of our company’s product deep digging plan for the coming year, I was sent to Tangxi Ancient town to discover the beauty of this place.

I arrived at the place around 10:00 a.m. Different from the busy City Center of Hangzhou, this place seems still in a deep and sweet winter nights’ dream.

Nevertheless a few shops already open to early birds townsmen and travelers like me.

This Stinky Tofu has a smell like something rotting, but if you dare to try, it tastes really good.

The bridge in the picture called Guangji Bridge. It is built about five hundred years ago and is the only one Seven Arch Stone Bridge now preserved in the Grand Canal.

The picture of the village and waking town:

The preserved and not preserved town:



The wooden structures are amazing:


The bar seats in this charming long corridor called Beauty bar:

Chinese carpentry:

The famous food of Nian Gao:

Another Chinese food of Zhongzi:

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