Zhaoxing Dong Village, the Last Hidden World

At the intersection of East longitude: 109°10’and West Latitude:25°50, there dwells a secret kingdom…

It is a place true to its past, a place which will bring you back to time and lead you into the mysterious Dong people’s world


It is a place where sublime drum towers with upturned eaves define the skyline

It is a place where the sprawling stilt house occupy the valleys and gentle slopes

It is a place where timeworn and deep-rooted traditions and lifestyles remain the same during the past millennia

Embroidery, silver ornaments, love songs, courtesy dance, Torch Festival, Kam Grand choirs, drum towers, wind-rain bridges…

For us, they are priceless heritages

For them, they are indispensable part of their lives, which have penetrated into every aspect of their lives and even blood and soul

When we lament on the distinction of various aged traditions, architectures and towns defeated by not by time, but by the urban sprawl, Dong people are protecting their history spontaneously and carefully.

Trekking along the jagged landscape in Guizhou, the last hidden world in southwest China, my journey turned out to be the most memorable one.

These moments are engraved into my mind, like thousands of tiny diamonds. Each time I recall, I cannot help smiling.

I won’t forget the thrilling feeling of walking along the rice paddies, barefooted

I won’t forget the awe-inspiring feeling to behold the village enveloped by mist and the cooking smoking, which looked more like an abode of immortals rather than a worldly village.

I wont forget those hospitable locals there. They smile more than anyone I see in big cities. And I never see any group embraces life with so much enthusiasm like them. Who will say they are poor.

It is only in such environment, by such talented and pure people, can great folk music like The Grand Song of Dong people( also known as Kam Grand Choirs) be created, and their beauty and charm, is simply not reproducible.



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