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Qingming Festival

Qingming Festival (Tomb Sweeping Day), as one of the twenty-four solar terms, is a traditional Chinese festival as well as the most important day to worship Chinese ancestors. It is also named Spring Outing Festival (Taqing 踏青), and occurring around … Continue reading

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Enjoy Canton Cuisine During the 2012 Canton Fair

The 2012 Canton Fair is coming. After a busy day in the Pazhou Complex, your stomach must cry out for food. Since you have flown a long way to attend Canton Fair, why not to try some authentic local Canton … Continue reading

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Schedule of 2012 F1 Shanghai Grand Prix

The schedule of 2012 Formula 1 has already been shown to the world. The Shanghai Grand Prix in 2012 will be on April 15. Here is the schedule of F1 Shanghai Grand Prix, and if you want to fly to … Continue reading

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