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Together with several friends, I paid a visit to Xijiang Miao Village this November,  which is the biggest one of its kind in the world.  Versatile and  warm-hearted, Miao people will greet friends with rice wine at the entry of their village. Their home-made rice wine is really delicious. But do not belittle the power of their wine, you will get drunk after several bowls.

Xijiang Miao Village is really impressive.  We were astonished by their stilt houses and fascinated by their Lusheng Reed Flute music and various dances. Man, woman, old and young, all are born singers and dancers. It is really a land of happiness.

Because it is early November,  this place is not so crowded. (If you want to travel in China, do avoid National Holiday (Oct 1 to 7), unless  watch the ocean of people and elbow your way in and out of scenic site is your purpose.  During our stay there, a moderate amount of tourists flow into this area, sharing this piece of heaven with us….

After enjoying their amazing shows, we decided to explore their kingdom a little bit.

Xijiang Miao Village is moderately commercialized…Shops line the crisscrossing lanes selling almost everything you expect: silver jewelries, handicrafts, snacks and batik artworks…There are bars here also, but it is not our intention to end up here with  bars, right….

Silver jewelries and bow horns are totems of Miao people.

This silver necklace : 980RMB

This handicraft shop owner is a very nice person

These fabulous Miao girl dresses are for renting. We negotiated with the boss  and cut the price dramatically……Haha

My friend Lucy looks gorgeous in Miao attire

How does it feel to be a Miao girl for one day?                                                Awesome………

Miao people basking under the warm sunshine of early winter

The hotel we stayed in: Chenjing Hotel

With reasonable price, tidy and quiet environment,  we slept sound and sweet like babies.

Time for breakfast: definitely worthy of the money: 10 RMB             Guizhou food is really spicy, but for me, it is a piece of cake.

Harvest year

I took quantities photos here, this is one of my favorite.


To save land, Miao people build houses along the slope with 70 degrees.

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  1. Jesús Reynaldo says:

    It is really amazing. Unfortunatelly, I only went to Shanghai, but I guess I will be back in 2017.

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