Shanghai International Marathon Brings Happiness

International Marathon is held in many cities in China this year. Behind Marathon tide, we could not help thinking why more and more cities would like to hold marathon in China now? As for marathon, I think it not only connects the sense of health and happiness of citizens’ daily life, but also puts people of different ages and from various careers together via the racing. And to be more important, it is anew citycard to express the image and spirit of the city.

Shanghai International Marathon 2012, one of the main four marathons in China (the other three are Dalian, Beijing and Xiamen) was held in Dec. 2nd. A percussion team formed by aunt Xu and her girl friends arrives atWest Nanjing Road early in the morning that day.They were all volunteers to encourage competitors. Actually, three years ago, aunt Xu still not quite understand why these competitors persisted running even they were tired and it was really not convenient for citizens because of the traffic control. However, she was pleasant with the race recent two years. She said major citizens came for the marathon only for two reasons: joining the marathon or encouraging these competitors, but pursuing happiness is their common aim.

Meanwhile, aunt Xu felt delighted that so many young people took part in the race. Many old people might give up during marathon but their sincere encouragement will surely strongthen young people’s confidence and will.Therefore, many young people will be happy to join in marathon for pursuing health and happiness. As for foreign friends and athletes, they will get a deeper impression about Shanghai due to people’s vigour and passion. 

Shanghai International Marathon becomes a part of ordinary persons’ daily life unconsciously, and aunt Xu is one of them. I believe, not only inShanghai, but in most of the cities holding theMarathon, citizens will be delighted to enjoy the race. And China International Marathon will attract more attention around the world.

I know, many foreign friends and athletes are willing to have the marathon with Chinese. In my blog, I will introduce information about marathons in China. If you are still a little upset that you missed marathons in Chinathis year, please do not worry. Marathonin 2013 is coming. Firstly, Xiamen International Marathon, and the date will be January 05, 2013 and it starts at 08:00am. Then in Hong Kongand the date is February 24th, 2013. My friends, if you are inChina, you need to have a look at the race. You will love it.

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  1. marios c says:

    there are many events happening around china for serious or recreational runners.
    As well entioned above the sequence would be like above_
    Mizuno HK half marathon
    Gammon Construction China Coast Marathon in HK
    February: Standard Chartered HK
    March: Zengkai in Zengzhou and Chongqing Int Marathon
    April: yangzhou
    May: Dalian and Dongying
    June: lanzhou and Cross Country 30k in Changchun
    July: GenghisKahn inner mongolia extreme marathon
    September: yantai and hengshuihu
    October: Beijing
    November: Guangzhou, Hangzhou, unicef charity 1/2 in HK
    December: Shanghai and Macau, and Zhuhai 1/2
    Most of those marathins have websites but ususally registrations are happening without notice and are full in very short time once they open, so you need to be aware of approx. timing and look frequently the web-sites.

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