The First Subway Line in Hangzhou

Hangzhou Metro will be finally unveiled on Nov. 24th, 2012, which brings good news to both Hangzhou citizens and tourists.

Before the Operational Commissioning of Hangzhou metro Line 1, a four-day test running was started from 5:00 pm on Nov. 18th to 21st; the total number of passengers reaches a high score of 22,000. Natives are feeling excited and pleased because of the convenience it brings. During these four days, staff members of the metro group offered services in stations everyday and there were also more than 400 volunteers spreading over stations to guide passengers where and how to take the subway when someone needed help. Majority of the passengers were satisfied with the service and hold positive attitudes towards the subway.

It is pronounced to be ended successfully with the last group of passengers going out from the subway station. And it is known to all that the opening ceremony of Hangzhou subway will celebrated at 09:30am on Nov.24th and passengers can buy the tickets beginning at 02:30 pm.

The First Subway Line in Hangzhou is begun to be built in March of 2007. The First Line is the main line in the subway transportation network of Hangzhou which has a full length of 53km shaping like the letter of “Y “around Hangzhou land. It connects Xiaoshan District, Binjiang District, Xiasha District and city center as a net and saves a lot of time between these places compared with taking the public buses.

There will be ten lines totally as planned by the government of Hangzhou with a total length of 375.6km. As planned, the second line will be finished in the end of 2013. The Hangzhou subway will bring convenience both to local people and tourists, especially for foreign friends who are not familiar with Chinese. The subway will give a hand if they explore Hangzhou city by themselves.

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