Love Ladder

Love, what is it? As far as I am concerned, it is just meeting each other. Like you are a bird flying in the sky and I am a fish swimming in the water. And one day, we just meet each other and fall in love. And, do you trust that one will fall in love with someone at first sight?  ……

When talking about love, everyone will like a poet that can talk a lot, think a lot and do a lot. And, what is love? Everyone has his or her own idea. Actually, there are many kinds of love. Today, Absolute China Tours will share something about the love between men and women. It is a true story named Love Ladder.

And let’s start the true story which is famous in China.

I am wondering how to start the story, because it is simple but really moving. On Oct. 30, 2012, an ordinary old woman (Xu Zhaoqing) in Chongqing passed away but has been taken notice by many Chinese because she was the heroine in the story. Her death reminded us of her husband (Liu Guojiang) and their touching love story. It was happened in a small village in Chongqing, China, in 1940s.

Liu was 10 years younger than Xu. It is known that many cradle snatchers “sister-younger brother love” happen in modern China but it was just like a bomb assaulting people’s value about love age gap 60 years ago. When they met each other in the first time, Xu was a bride in their village and Liu was only a six-year-old child. And when someone made a joke on Liu “what kind of woman you want to marry in the future”, Liu always said he want to marry a woman like Xu aunt (he called her aunt to express politeness). And Liu regarded Xu as his sweetheart. Xu was a poor girl. She got engaged when 13 years old and married 16, then her husband died when she was 26 years old but left her four small children. Her mother in law blamed her for the death of her son, saying Xu was an unlucky woman. It was a serious accusation out of ignorance at that time in China. And Liu was a young man who cared about her but could do nothing for her. He wanted to give a hand, but worried whether she would accept or not until one day he saved her and her child when they fell into a river. Later, he often helped her do some housework. Four years past, there was a special relationship between them. Liu was a single young man who loved her very much, while Xu was a widow with four children. When in 1940s in China, it could be gossiped in villages as shame which gave great pressure for both of them. And one morning, they disappeared with four children. No one has seen them anymore.

Forty years later, in 2001, a group of outdoor travelers found many stone staircases leading to the top of a mountain when they explored in the virgin forest. They walked upward the artificial staircases and then found them—Liu and Xu. They escaped from the village and hided in the forest to have their own lives, just because they loved each other and did not want to be hurt by the groundless talk. And the stone staircases, being called “love ladder”, were dig and made by Liu. It has 6,000 staircases and spent the greater part of Liu’s life to finish so that Xu could go down the mountain conveniently in safe. And all members of this explorative group was amazed and moved by their story, and then start to narrate their story to the public. Then, many people went there to visit this couple.


It is simple. But let people believe that true love exists in daily life.

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