Changbai Mountain

Changbai Mountain Range lies in the northeastern of Jilin Province, extending south to cross the border into North Korea. The Mountain Range is a dormant volcano. It is the highest mountain range inEast Asia. All its sixteen peaks are at least 2,500 meters above sea level. The annual average temperature there is -7 to 3 Degree Celsius. Winter there is long and cold, while summer is short and cool.


Natural beauty of the Changbai Mountainis different from other Chinese mountains. In winter, the snow-covered scenery of the mountain, with the boundless stretches of tranquil birch forest and snowfields, makes a typical Northeastern experience. No doubt, the ChangbaiMountainis especially famous for its marvelous volcano-crater Lake Tianchi (Lake of Heaven), which is China’s deepest alpine lake (up to 373 meters deep). And adjacent to the Lake, an awe-inspiring waterfall drops from a 68-meter high cliff – the highest volcanic waterfall of the world. The 60 kilometers long Changai Gorge is also an imposing attraction that the widest part can be 300 meters and narrowest area are only several meters. Then, Hot Spring can be favored by most tourists to Changbai Mountain. It is amazing soaking in hot spring surrounded by snow. And among them, Changbai Hot Spring, Yunti Hot Spring and Hubin Hot Spring are the most popular.

Lake Tianchi (Lake of Heaven):

 Lake Tianchi  




Hot Spring:


After watching all these wonderful pictures, do you have an idea to join in a Changbai Mountain Tour?

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