World Traditional Wushu Festival in Huangshan Mountain

The Fifth World Traditional Wushu Festival will be held from November 5th to 11th in Huangshan (Mountain Huang), Anhui province. Sponsored by International Wushu Federation and China Wushu Association, the World Traditional Wushu Festival is also known well as World International Wushu Tournament.

It is a big sports event which is the largest, highest and most extensive around the global Wushu section and is titled “Olympic of Wushu”. Athletes from the entire world will show different types of Wushu, including Tai Chi (Taijiquan), Shaolin Kung Fu, Eight Diagrams Palm and many other kinds of Wuzhu during that week.


The World Traditional Wushu Festival is held every two years since October of 2004. And there will be more than 2000 athletes or Wushu fans from more than 70 countries. And there will be above 5000 people attending in this big event including athletes, important officials from home and abroad, well-known enterprises, tourists and media.

Let’s look forward to this big event.

Huangshan Tour

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