Silk Road in My Eye

Silk Road is widely known to people both at home and abroad. As a Chinese people, I have not visited the magical lands as China is so vast for us to explore. Autumn is the best time to walk this amazing road. And I want to recommend tour itineraries at to you. One of my friends has just ended a Silk Road tour recently and I want to share some of her feelings with all of you.

Silk Road is a trade route began in Han Dynasty in ancient China which promoted the development of economy between Asia, European andAfrica. Silk Road in China is on the northwest of China and began from Changan (Xian now) which was the capital city at that time. “You will never know it until experience by yourself!” It is the first sentence she said to me when she came back from the tour. Below are her words.

“You will never know it until experience by yourself!

When the flight was close toLanzhou, I saw the whole land was yellow through the window on the flight, the vast land, boundless plateau and mountains were with the same color. I could not help to touching the land full of yellow and the moment I touched it I have no doubt that this piece of magic land could cultivate simple and industrious people.

Coming from south of China and used to seeing the green, I was excited that the yellow land was under my foot, not in books or on TV. The Yellow River was quiet and calm that was not like the downstream with rough and magnificent. And Jiayuguan Pass we visited the other day, I have heard for hundreds and thousands times, but when I stood there and looked at it, I really can’t express myself because I knew it when I was young, but I doubt am I really know it when I stand there.

The guide introduced many storiess about it and I really felt the history and the bell ring of the camels’ and even could saw the businessmen and travelers. Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai and Xinjiang were legends. You must go to visit.”

After hearing these, I was more interested in this route and would like to plan a tour there. Usually, we do not like the yellow sands and Gobi desert for it is dry and seems lifeless, while maybe we will be surprised when we see them. As a Chinese, we have an overview about the history and have a special emotion to our northwest areas. While, what about foreign friends?

China is a large country where we can tour for classic water towns, ancient gardens, modern cities, and get to know unique cultures and ethnic minorities. It is a fatanstic place for living and exploring.

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