Chinese Schools Reopen After Summer Vacation

With August drawing to a close, summer vacation is also close to the end. Schools being quiet for two months will welcome the opening tide soon. Many new students are preparing enrollment.

As a foreigner, maybe you will be interested in the education system in China. Well, let me introduce it to you. In China, the opening date for new semester is usually on September 1. Children under 7 years old will go to kindergarten to learn singing, drawing and some games. Like some other countries, there is a 9-year compulsory education system inChina. Students between 7 to 12 years old will be sent to primary or elementary school to receive some basic education. Chinese and Maths are the most important courses during these 6 years. Then in the next three years, they will go to middle school to continue the education and courses like English, Physics and Chemistry are added into the curriculum. After graduated from middle school, some of them (usually with poor grades) will choose to go to some vocational schools while others will go to high school. High school life is considered the hardest part because students need to prepare for the colleague entrance examination which is titled the most important examination inChinaand usually be held between June 7—9. The one who succeed in the exam can enter into his or her dream university while the failed one will choose to find a job or prepare for the exam for one more year. Universities or colleges have different opening date for the new semesters and a military training is a must for the freshmen.

So, new terms seems colorful and means different for every student. However, it is new and full of hope.

For pupils, a new term is exciting for they can have new school bags, new pencil cases, new erasers as well as new books. May be they will also excited to have a new teacher. They are always lovely and innocent. Parents will always tell them that a new term is a new beginning and they should study hard and gain more knowledge.

For middle school students, they will be very happy because they can meet classmates and share the interesting parts they have experienced during the summer. Also, they will be happy there is someone who can go home together with them after school, bike throughout the noisy city or just walk slowly and enjoy an ice cream. They will also be happy that they have some new clothes and new sport shoes prepared by parents for their new semester.

For high school students, it is very hard to express their feelings about the new term. Different students will have different feelings. For seniors, they might be a little nervous because the most important colleague entrance examination is right under their noses since the new semester starts. Some of them will determine to study hard to enter into a key university and make their dreams come true. For freshmen, they might be curious to everything is going to occur in school and glad to experience something new.


There is a large amount of students in colleges or universities. A new term is also a new start for them. College life is more relaxing and more freedom compared with that in high schools. At the beginning of a new term, students will have their own plans: some want to take part into a group according to their interest and then learn more; some will make a plan for writing thesis; some will try to find a part time job or just to stay in the library preparing exams. And the freshmen are the happiest because everything is new and different from high school.

Yes, a new term is new to students. And parents will place new hopes on their children. However, students will also make their own new plans because they are adults too. Young people who have already graduated from colleges in last July will feel a little lost because there is no new semester for them but only work. Now and then, they will recall the beautiful memories in their campus life!

September coming means new term begins for students and some of them, like seniors in the universities, might even enter into the new stage of life. And for tourists, beginning of September indicates another suitable timing for traveling in China. From September to mid November is the golden autumn in most area of China and the weather is quite comfortable which is not very hot or very cold. Here, as a travel consultant, I would like to recommend you a very attractive tour destination in China—-Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sichuan province. Hope you will like it!

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