2012 Qinghai Lake Hiking Event Will Begin Since August 3

The most beautiful lake in China, Qinghai Lake(also known as Blue Lake), is located in Qinghai Province. It is the largest inner land lake and the biggest salt lake in China. According to the statistics issued by Qinghai Institute of Meteorological Science, it keeps expanding during the past eight years.


The 2012 Qinghai Lake Hiking Event will take place during August 3 to August 7. This grand outdoor sport event has been authorized by National Sport Bureau and will be launched jointly by National Sports Bureau Mountain-climbing Administrative Center and Qinghai Sports Bureau. In August 4 and August 6, there will be ethnic flavor performance and evening party in the opening ceremony and closing ceremony.

On August 4, over 300 participants will embark on the four days’ long hiking from Qinghai Lake’s Erlangjian Scenic Area(二郎剑景区). They will cover 120km within four days around the Qinghai Lake. This hiking event features the longest distance in China and is well-organized. Those who joined in the event for 3 years will be awarded the title “Qinghai Lake Hiking Hero” and will win 10000RMB.

Besides, in August 10 to August 12, over 800 camping enthusiastic will join the Qilianshan Grassland Camping Event and activities include mountain hiking, treasure seeking, photography contest and music party will be held.

Tips for Tour Qinghai Lake


1 Qinghai Lake shelters the 0.5 km2 Niaodao( Bird Island) which is home to over ten thousand migrant birds and the Haixin Mountain( literally means Sea Heart Mountain) which is famous for grotesque stones.

2 Around June, the Tulip Festival will be held in Xining, Qinghai Province. Wang Luobin (a famous great singer) Festival and Lamp Festival will be held in Yuanzi City (the atomic bomb was exploded here, Xihai Town).

3 During May to June, Qinghai Lake’s Niaodao (Bird Island) is densely distributed with bird eggs and newly hatched birds. You can hear their chirping several miles away. This is the best period to watch the birds.

 4 During July to August, the scene of crystal blue Qinghai Lake against the ocean of golden cole flowers is especially striking. With average temperature of 18℃ in summer, Qinghai Lake is an ideal camping site. You can also join in the Qinghai Lake Hiking Event or the Qinghai Lake Bike Contest authorized by International Cycling Union during July to August each year. The grade of the Qinghai Lake Bike Contest is 2.HC, it is a top sport event in Asian and also an international bike content held in the highest altitude. This contest has been launched since 2002 and has attracted over 100 participants from all over the world each year. The winner can be awarded with 25000 US dollars.


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