Be Aware of these Traps When Travel in China(2/2)

Trap in Shaolin Temple: Burn Incense is burning money

 If you are a pious foreign Buddhist, be careful. If you are a pious Chinese Buddhist, be more careful. Before the niche in Shaolin Temple’s Daxiong Baodian(大雄宝殿), monks will hand you a book to sign your name on it without telling you anything. Deeming it as a respect to visitors, most people will sign on it. Once you sign, you are falling into trick. The monk will congratulate you that the master will carry out ritual to bring you good luck, and you have to pick an incense and pray before the Buddha. The cost of incense will turn out to be 600RMB to 6000RMB. You will find yourself in a dilemma and have no choice but to pay.

Trap in Mt Taishan World Geopark

Mt Taishan boasts long history and is loaded with rich cultural content. Numerous emperors in ancient China had visited this place to carry out the Fengshan ritual to pray for the prosperity and peace of China. It is also famous for the great thinker Confucius. Tour in this place, you have to be careful when take pictures. Sometimes, you need to pay, or the locals will act very rude to you. At least this happened to Chinese tourists.

Trap in Xian:Do not Touch the Antiques

Xian is an ancient city with extremely rich cultural background. The moment you set foot on it, be careful not to touch the antiques. Huajue Xiang(Huajue Alley,化觉巷), a famous antique alley in Xian, if stuffed with many fake antiques. If you are attracted by the antiques in booths along the roads, remember do not touch them by hands, in case fall into the trap set up by the shop owners: the moment you touch it, all others items will fall down like domino. Then, they will blackmail you to cover their loss.

Trap in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

Yunnan is blessed with pleasant weather, nice scenery and unique minority group flavors. In the Virgin Forest Park of Xishuangbanna, there is an Aini Tribe. Once you enter this village, a beautiful girl will invite you warmly to her home. After brief introduction, she will gather other girls and hang an auspicious object on your neck without your admission. Then, you will be invited to join the wedding ceremony. The master of wedding will tell you the moment you accept the auspicious object, you have accepted the wedding and is the bridegroom. You will be sent to the wedding house soon. Do not expect good things will happen, you are requested to pay money there. Or you will be hung on trees for three days and do the hard larbor for them in the following three years. Frightened by this bleak picture, most people prefer to pay for their freedom. This ugly phenomenon prevails only in the unauthorized minority cultural communities, if you are not touring under the assistance of a reliable and trustworthy travel agent, do be cautious.

Trap in Yangshuo,Guilin

Yangshuo is famous for picturesque scenery and bars. It is a good place to have romantic experience. But in many entertainment sites hide many traps. The phenomenon that taxi drivers and guiders cooperate together and recommend tourists to certain entertainment sites do exist. You will have good time there, of course, but all the fun will be ruined when you see the huge numbers to pay. For instance, the so-called special drink is usually made of cola and sprite and one cup will cost 100 to 200RMB. Special service fee ranges from 600RMB to several thousands.

 Negotiating About Price in Yellow Mountain? Be Careful

Yellow Mountain is definitely a must-see in China. There are many vendors following the tourists here, if you do not want to buy the foods or specialties, do not bargain for price. Or you will find they will quarrel with you all the way along.

 Beauty Trap in Zhangjiajie,Hunan Province

Zhangjiajie World Geopark has attracted numerous tourists by its enticing natural scenery, ancient Phoenix town and unique local customs. If you are a single man and travel there all by yourself. You have to extremely careful in hotel. Some attractive girls will knock on your door in night, if you did not lock the door well, they will enter your room and take off their clothes. What will follow you can guess. Usually a strong man will break in and blackmail you. Despite of this dark side, Zhangjiajie is worth touring, just remember, do not open your door in night or pick those midnight calls.

The Dark Side of Sanya: the most Rampant Traps

Sanya is most famous for its extremely beautiful tropical coastal scenery in south China, a perfect honeymoon site, but almost everyone who greets you warmly in the road is a bastard. Maybe this saying is a little exaggerated, but it reflects the only dark side of this city. If you are not tour it without a reliable travel agent, you will find yourself busy with fighting all kinds of tricks incessantly invented by the locals. The taxi driver in downtown Sanya does not charge you according to distance, besides, they will advise seafood restaurant to you which will cost 1000RMB per meal. If you refuse his “kind” suggestion, he will drop you in midway or ask you to pay extra money. Motorcycle drivers are not kind also. Stay away from them, or you will find yourself surrounded among a noisy group who will keep persuading you to land on their motorcycles. At this point, you may think, well, let us take a bus then. Bus drivers are not so annoying, but sometimes they are part of the trick system also. First they will persuade you to pray before the Buddha after entering Nanshan Mountain. Then, they will say the incense in Nanshan Mountain is too expensive and he happens to know a shop where you can bargain and buy incense with fair price. Just ignore and refuse. Another tip is being careful when shopping in small booths or you will waste money on a bundle of trashes. Do not go to Dongfang Dayuchang(Oriental Bathing Center东方大浴场) and be careful when choose a seafood restaurant. The trick used by Xinglong Seafood Restaurant is that they will attract you by low price seafood first, then they will introduce you the extremely expensive seafood, and of course they won’t inform the price or give you time to consider. They already throw them into pans already and when you know the price is ridiculous and refuse to eat them, all the staff in the restaurant will gather around you, unfriendly. We are not sure what are they capable of before you, at least this happened to Chinese tourists. It is a robbery, you may say. The local government is starting to deal with this ugly thing.

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