Seven LOHAS Old Town in China

LOHAS firstly appears on the book The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People are Changing the World which is wrote by sociologist Paul Ray. Gradually, LOHAS values are widely accepted by Chinese people and the new word LOHAS is also are getting more and more popular in China.

Like LOHAS in other countries, LOHAS in China is also a group of people who are optimistic, inclusive, understanding, caring about health and environment and doing good as well as feeling good. There are three words to describe them: Dogood, Feelgood and Lookgood.

The “LOHAS” concept is a kind of environmental idea, a kind of cultural connotation and a kind of creature in this age. It is a natural, healthy and harmonious attitude towards life and the idea gradually infiltrates into our daily life. And below, Absolute China Tours will introduce you seven LOHAS towns in China. They are different, but to some extent, they are similar to each other. Most importantly, they are good traveling destinations for relaxing.

1. Wuzhen watertown —the most beautiful town in China

Location: In the north of Tongxiang, Zhejiang province


Reasons for visiting: This small and quite town is not as famous as Zhouzhuang water town and less commercial. Walking in the small alley, you can feel only peace, serene and moving vicissitudes. The white wall, grey tile, wooden partition board, flagging, boat with black awning, woodcarving, waterside pavilion, tea house and deep lane, all these will give you a sense of dreaming and lead you into a poetic picture of southern China. 

2. Lijiang Old Town Heaven on the earth

Location: Inside of Lijiang city, in the northwest ofYunnanProvince


Reasons for visiting: Lijiang old town is so simple and natural that many tourists want to linger there. Moreover, mysterious Dongba Culture even makes the old town more attractive. Inside of the old town, there is an old manor belongs to Mu family. Mu’s Mansion is with a long history and rich culture. As a part of the old manor,WangguToweris located at the high ground where you can have an overall view ofLijiangOldTownand amazing pastoral scenes. Besides, Heilong Pond has clear water with swimming fish and lovely pebbles. All in all, you will be enchanted by the peaceful, natural and elegant Lijiang Old Town.

3. WuyuanA Modern Utopia

Location: In the northeast of Jiangxi Province and in the golden travel area of Mt. Huangshan, Mt. Lushan, Mt. Sanqingshan and Jing De Zhen.

Reasons for visiting: Villages reflecting in the river, weeping willows laughing on the riversides with comfortable breeze and smoke from kitchen chimneys winding into the sky in the late afternoon, all these like a freshly painted picture in Chinese ink. And if you walk there at that moment and watch the smoke go upward from the white wall to the black terracotta tiles and then disappear in the air, you will feel yourself out of this world and into a wonderland.

4. Fenghuang Ancient TownA colorful old town

Location: In the west ofHunan province and on the bank ofTuojiangRiver

Reasons for visiting: The old city is placed in a mountain setting called Qingshan and the natural flow of water from Tuojiang River is incorporated into the city layout. In the old town, everything is wonderful to see and to feel. For example, red stone streets, small and lovely suspended buildings, the old city wall, the old castle of vicissitudes, the old and stately stone bridge and a number of famous people.

5. Jiuzhaigou Valleyearth on the Heaven and Heaven on the earth

Location: Inside ofAba Tibetan Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, and it is 400 km away from Chengdu



Reasons for visiting: Jiuzhaigou Valley, a land has never been polluted, is said as earth on the Heaven and Heaven on the earth for its changing and different sceneries in four seasons. In spring, the snow melts and gradually disappears and colorful flowers are in blossom instead; in summer, it’s covered heavily by green trees and splendid lakes and silver-curtain-like waterfalls show their great passion in the hot season; when fall comes, the clear water, blue sky and yellow trees are consist of a magic picture; and in winter, the dancing snow will let you forget all unhappiness in your life.   

6. Pingyao Ancient City the best preserved old county

Location: In the middle ofShanxi province


Reasons for visiting: Pingyao ancient city was set up in Qing Dynasty and has a history of more than three thousand years. It is a huge group of ancient buildings with completed city wall, streets, shops, temples and vernacular dwellings. It was built up on the basis of traditional planning thoughts and building style of Han people.ZhenguoTemple with its unique architecture skills and wall painting,ShuanglinTemple with its colorized sculptures and the City Wall are the three top representatives of Pingyao ancient city.  

7. Dunhuangthe capital of Oriental art

Location: At the west end of Hexi Corridor, in the northwest of Gansu province, west of China


Reasons for visiting: Dunhuang is one of famous tourism city and is honored as the capital of oriental art. Dunhuang eight sights is a must for visiting. Walking in the desert, you will feel Dunhuang’s power. In ancient times, Dunhuang was the center of trade betweenChina and western neighbors. And with the booming of theSilk Road, Dunhuang became an international and open city at that time. Now, Dunhuang is favored by tourists for the dying Mogao Grottoes.

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