Naadam Fair

Naadam Fair is a traditional fair with distinctive ethnic features in Mongol nationality, China. Also it is a popular form of physical activities among Mongolian people. Naadam is a local term in Mongolian, and it can be translated into “amusement or games”, also it expresses the happiness of good harvest. Usually, it begins in June 4th of the Chinese lunar calendar and lasts for 5 days every year. If calculating according to the solar calendar, it always drops in the July or August of when the Mongolian grassland is full with green grasses, blossomy flowers, strong horses and fat sheep. Gradually, it becomes a traditional annual festival on the prairie.

Since Naadam means “games”, then what kind of games will be shown during the festival? The answers are “The three games of men”. No matter in the ancient time or these years, Mongolian wrestling, horse racing and archery are always on the schedule.

Wrestling is a sport favored by Mongol and also a requisite game in Naadam Fair. Wrestling inMongoliahas its local features, so it is also called the Mongolian style wrestling. For wrestling, wrestlers will wear special costume, such as leather waistcoat with copper nails, headband in red, yellow and blue, colorful ribbon around the neck, colorful leather belt in waist andMongolialeather boots. At the beginning, wrestlers will wave arms then start fighting with the opponent. Different from wrestling in other style, the Mongolian one is not divided into groups by weight.  Actually, there are no divisions in ranks. The weak will be eliminated through knockout round. And the strong ones will contend for the champion.


As one of the three competitions for men, horse racing contains three projects: the first one is the competition for the speed of horses; the second one is competing for the steadiness and lightness of the pace of horses; and the last one is competing for the athletic performance on the horses. Horses inMongoliaare famous for their fast speed and strong endurance. Every Mongolian has a special emotion to horses for it is said that they grow up on back of horses. Therefore, mastering horse training is a standard to see whether he is an excellent herdsman or not.And archery is the oldest of the three competitions during Naadam Fair. And more than 800 years ago, Mongolians were divided into many tribes and they were lived in two ways: a nomadic way and a hunting way. But after Genghis Khan united the tribes in Mongolian grasslands, Mongolian hunting groups gradually changed into nomadic groups. However, the hunting skills were still there and retained.

Naadam fair has a long history of nearly 800 years. On the biggest grassland inChina, Hulunbeir Grassland, it is developed and gets big reputation among all the Chinese people. It is now an important carrier of traditional Mongolian culture. So, if you are interested in or curious about Naadam fair, you can visit Hulunbeir Grassland this midsummer, we are sure you will warmly welcomed by the Inner Mongolian people.

Information for your Hulunbeir Grassland (Naadam fair) tour:

You can choose the following cities as your departure place for there are direct flights to Inner Mongolian grassland:

Beijingà Hailaer     almost 2 hrs

Tianjinà Hailaer     almost 2.5 hrs

Shanghaià Hailaer   more than 4 hrs

Hangzhouà Hailaer   more than 5 hrs


Xianà Hailaer   more than 4 hrs and will stop inHohhotfor 1 hr

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This best arranged China Travel Package including Beijing, Tianjin and Inner Mongolia. China summer resort tour: Beijing, Tianjin and Inner Mongolia are the highlighted tourist destinations of China in summer. During this tour, you will join the grant fair—Naadam Fair.

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