Outward Training of Absolute China Tours

In a bright and sunny early morning of June 9, almost all the members of Absolute China Tours gathered in front of Hangzhou Theatre with big smile. Everyone seemed happy and excited. Wow, where were we going? An outward training is waiting for us!

After about an hour on the bus, we arrived at Xianghu Lake and were welcomed warmly by trainers there. We were lead to a big meeting room.

Our Team——Absolute China Tours

Our manager Mr. Zhu and the trainer Mr. Cui: 

In the beginning, we were divided into two groups and had our team leaders, names of our team and songs for our team.

Team 1 —-Hurricane                                                 Team 2—- Tong-meng Hui


Then came some training activities indoor

The first one was clipping the nose and releasing it suddenly. What was it? How to do? We were all puzzled but very interested in at first. Then we followed with our teacher, Mr. Cui. He asked our two groups to PK with each other. And the winner would be the group that every member should successfully do the task in a shorter time. Finally, can you guess who win the game?



Also we had some other small interesting games. For example, catching one’s finger when you heard “Three” or pronunciation sounded similar to “Three” when Mr. Cui was telling a story. Because we did not know how many “Three”s would be in the story and when they would appear, everyone was highly focused on Mr. Cui. How nervous! 

And spending about one hour indoor training, we two groups enjoyed games and formed a tacit understanding in each team. It’s time for outdoor training and showing our cooperation and competition.

Firstly, it was called Trust Fall Back. One would stand on a 2-meters high stage and then fall back. The rest of the team members needed to support him or her with arms together on partner’s shoulder like a mat. It’s a trial of trust. Our two groups did this activity separately to make our own privities and trusts. Then we would compete with each other.



Then we began the activity of five-minute challenge. It was challenging and needed many privities among each member. Five-minute challenge contained five small tasks: juggling a ball with drum, never down forest, excellent circle, golf in moving and at last we would say we are the best team with clapping hands and shaking heads for every words you say. 



To continue, we took the activity called crossing the minefield. The task for both of our team was to go through the minefield successfully.   


And last one was express 60 seconds. There were 30 cards inside of a circle, and each of them indicated a number but descript in Chinese characters. Each group only had three chances to get close to this circle to remember these cards and sent one person get inside to fetch the cards. Therefore we needed to figure out the card’s number firstly. Finally, after we finished the task and we found that our trainer played on word of the game rule.


We finished our outward training about 05:00 pm. Every member of Absolute China Tours was exhausted but happy. And we learned that cooperation and innovation were very important no matter in the games or in our work.

Absolute China Tours is an excellent team. We will do our best to serve for you and improve our service quality.



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