Blueberry Festival in the Southeast of Guizhou Province

The first Blueberry Festival in the southeast of Guizhou province will be unveiled very soon in Majiang County, Guizhou. And now, there are about 100 pretty Miao girls wearing folk costume come to Majiang County to prune the branches of blueberry trees.

Every April to June is the flowering and fruit setting period of blueberry and July to September is the picking period. During this period, girls will take part in planting and picking work of blueberry which has been graceful scenery in Majiang and they are given a wonderful name of blueberry girl. This year the government will hold the first blueberry festival, and at that time girls with beautiful dressing will celebrate on the streets with local people and visitors.

The host of the first Blueberry Festival is Majiang County which is located in the middle of Guizhou province and the upstream of the Qingshui River. This county is in subtropical monsoon humid climate zone and the weather there is quite comfortable and spring-like all the year round. With the natural scenic and the dense nationality amorous feedings, it is the first place for visitors to travel and enjoy relaxation. There are plenty of ethnic folklores, such as Miao, Yao, She, Buyi and etc. Also, there are many scenic spots, for example, Xianren Qiao primitive forest park, ethnic painting town, Zhang’s mansion, etc.

With covering an area more than 1,332,000 square meters, Majiang County is the largest blueberry planting area in the southern China. Furthermore, the technologies of culturing blueberries’ seeding and planting developed in Majiang County also have attained domestic leading level which has attracted a number of investors like agricultural enterprises and individual customers both inside the province and outside. Blueberry has become a new potential fruit to bring in export earnings in southern hills and red soil area.

Therefore, it must be a unique experience to enjoy blueberry and natural scenic in Guizhou this summer.

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