Xixi Flower Festival

Flower Festival? Wondering what it is? Well, let me help   you to equip your brain with a brief introduction of this fascinating festival. InChina, Flower Festival used to be a very popular traditional festival of Han Nationality which is also named “flora festival”, “birthday of flowers”, and “birthday of flora”. Han people in Northeast China, East China and some areas ofSouth Chinacelebrate the festival by going outdoors to appreciate the blooming flowers, hanging colored paper on the branches and doing other activities related to flowers. However, the festival has gradually lost its popularity among the young generation.


Last year in 2011,Hangzhourevived this festival and held the first Xixi Flower Festival which has drawn lots of public attention to this traditional celebrating again. This spring, the second Hangzhou Xixi Flower Festival themed in “Flowers blossom in Xixi, Happiness fills inHangzhou” has started since April 17 and it will last till May 20 so as to celebrate the blooming of all the spring flowers. A series of wonderful flowers-related activities are on going xixi wetland right now.


The festival provides tourists with the chances to acquaint with more than 450 kinds of flowers covering the whole Green Dike in the wetland — lupins, lavenders, roses, saffron magnolias, Yoshiro cherries, North American Begonias, Lilacs, South Africa marigolds, just name a few of them—-which are placed in 12 flower display areas and divided into 9 flower themes.



Thousand-year-old Peony

Walking along the Green Dike in Xixi Wetland and going on further, you must be attracted by a thousand-year-old peony queen with her rape flowers and numerous buds which are believed to be symbols of wealth and happiness. Transplanted into the wetland from an ancient town with a history of 1700 years —Meicheng in Jiande, this peony is considered to be the original flower of those peonies in the areas of Pujiang, Yiwu and Meicheng itself.



Azaleas on Display
Pink-clouds-like Azaleas blossom everywhere in April inHangzhou. Besides the thousand-year-old peony, a 450-year-old, two-meter-tall azaleas tree will also catch your eyes. Approaching this tree, you will see hundreds of old azaleas cluster. Can you guess how many flowers are there in this tree? 100,000 flowers! Stunning, right?




In the sakura display area, 10 types of sakuras from home and abroad have been planted in a certain order that makes sure if the sakura of the early season wither and fall, the flowers of the late season will come out and the visitors will always see some sakuras. Under the sakura trees, all sizes of copper footprints are designed from infant’s size to old men’s size, implying that happiness is filling one’s whole life from the cradle to the grave.



Indoors and outdoors tea houses are running in these blocks in theXixiFlowerPark. You can sip a cup of tea and have a rest in the thatched pavilions, or in the wooden chairs around the tables while enjoying the natural scenery and chatting. Just imagine how comfortable and delightful it is!




59 kind of imported clematis and 52 kinds of roses are displayed in the wedding garden. Affectionately known as “Queen of the Vines”, clematis has been planted widely abroad for a long time, but it is still rare inChina. In the garden, blue, purple, pink, rosy and white clematis and all kinds of roses symbolizing happiness are decorating the garden where is also the wedding photography shooting place. Many newly-married couples are taken wedding photos there to share their happiness.


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