My One Day Tour in Wuhan

When talking about tourist cities in China, perhaps, easily, you will think of Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai and Hangzhou. But today I’d like to share with you my one day tour to Wuhan, one of the most ancient and civilized metropolitan cities in China, and present you a city with a long history of 3500 years.

 There is an old saying that breakfast is the most important meal during a day. It was an early morning in May last year and I was kind of starving after a night’s rest. Therefore, my first station in Wuhan was Hubu Lane (户部巷) —-an ancient style street full of famous Wuhan snacks. The 150-meter long lane was located in Ziyou Road, Wuchang District and with a history of 150 years. Big and small stalls at both sides have served breakfast for more than 20 years in this lane and attracted many people here both at home and abroad. Wuhan people called “having breakfast” “Guozao” in Chinese. I was totally fascinated by those local mouthwatering popular snacks, such as hot-dry noodles, duck neck, doughnut, rice dumpling, rice wine and fresh bean skin.


After having hot-dry noodles as my breakfast, I took a bus to the Yellow Crane Tower, one of the three well-known towers in the south of China. The other two are Yueyang Tower in Hunan province and Tengwang Pavilion in Jiangxi province. It was constructed on the Wuchang side of the Yangtze River in AD223. Cui Hao, a famous poet of Tang Dynasty, visited the building in the early 8th century; his poem even helped the building gain the title “the first building in the south”.


Several minutes later, I reached the top of the tower. I was very excited at the moment I saw the Yangtze River and the panorama of Wuhan scenery. Standing there and closing my eyes, I felt that all the unhappy feelings from life and work have gone. To be honest, I even could imagine that I was the King of the World when I immersed in the nature. Haha! People always regarded themselves as the most important one on the earth; however, I felt I was so small to the universe at that time. The tower, the Yangtze River, the mountain have witnessed so much changes during thousands years. We should show our respect to them, since they carried all the historical memories.



After that, I went to Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge which was not far from the Yellow Crane Tower. The bridge is called “the first bridge across Yangtze River”. It was built between two mountains—-Tortoise hill in Hanyang and Snake hill in Wuchang in 1957. The total length of the bridge is 1670 meters. With sunshine and breeze, walking on the bridge, viewing the spectacular and ships on the river, I felt I was in the paradise.




After lunch I headed for the East lake scenic spot. It is the largest city lake in China. The lake covers an area of 330000 Square Meters, which is six times the size of the West Lake in Hangzhou. The guide told me that the east lake in spring was the most beautiful and colorful and I chose the perfect timing. Because many flowers like roses, sakuras and azaleas were in blossom, fragrances filled in the air. I took the cruise on the lake and it was fantastic. With the moving of the boat, I saw different sceneries. Goldfish, wild duck and swans lived in harmony and I fed them with the rest of a piece of bread. All of a sudden, they flocked.




After enjoyed a cruise on the East Lake, I went to Hankou Marshland by ship from Wuchang port. Just like the bund in Shanghai, the night view was very magnificent. What strikes me most was an array of European style architecture, from which, I discovered the old Hankou. The locals told me that there were only two seasons, summer and winter, since spring and autumn were really very short to be accounted. So I understand why it was so hot in May. It was very crowded in the Marshland, some people were flying the kites; some were taking pictures of the beautiful scenes; some were swimming in Yangtze River.

For me, I just sit on the beach silently, with wave beating my feet, enjoying Wuhan in darkness. I didn’t realize Wuhan has another beauty before. Yes, every day I was in hustle and bustle. Suddenly, I came to understand I was wrong, working was not the most important thing; we should learn to enjoy our life.


On my way back to the hotel, I was in deep thought. Due to this tour, my values on life have changed. Before this day, things surrounding my mind were as below: how many moneyIshould earn for making a living? Should I stick in my dreams? I was, like a rabbit lost in the forest, hardly to find the moving direction. And that emotion almost choked me and I felt very exhausted. But after the relaxing tour, I could save the money for visiting some psychologists. And I realized that the nature was the best medicine for getting away from troubles of the life. I calmed down and moved on. Now I am very happy here!




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2 Responses to My One Day Tour in Wuhan

  1. Eamon Moriarty says:

    I spent 9 days in China (Beijing) in 2008 and found it and the people fascinating and very friendly.
    I have read numerous books about China especially about the rise of Communism, The Cultural Revolution and history to the present time. The Chinese people have suffered greatly in the past but hopefully the growing prosperity will ensure a better future.
    I enjoyed your article very much.
    For a perspective of life in old China I would recommend te novels of Pearl Buck who spent many years there

    • Alice Chen says:

      I’m glad you enjoy my articel very much. Obviously, you get a good understanding about China and Chinese People. Thank you for your good wishes for the Chinese people.

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