Enjoy Canton Cuisine During the 2012 Canton Fair

The 2012 Canton Fair is coming. After a busy day in the Pazhou Complex, your stomach must cry out for food. Since you have flown a long way to attend Canton Fair, why not to try some authentic local Canton Cuisine to comfort your starving belly?

Many foreign friends hold the opinion that Chinese people eat everything. While Chinese people think that Cantonese are real gourmets. In Cantonese’s eyes, almost everything can be eaten; no matter it is flying in the sky, running on the ground or swimming in the water. Therefore, Canton Cuisine is well-known throughout the world and becomes one of the eight Chinese Cuisines.

Today, as the coming of the Canton Fair, please allow me to introduce you some kinds of Canton Cuisine. And during the fair, you can go to try some and enjoy yourself. The following are the dishes:

1. Liquor-saturated  Crab & Liquor-saturated Shrimp

These two dishes are also very commonly known as “drunk crab ” and “drunk shrimp”. The delicate and soft crab and shrimp meat taste delicious and full of the aromas of yellow wine. Also they are rich in nutrition.

2. Roast Suckling Pig

Roast Suckling Pig is a traditional dish in Guangzhou. The selected pigs are about two to six weeks old and still not weaning. After being killed, they need to be roasted on stove fire. It has three characteristics: thin and crispy skin, tender and soft meat, fragrant and crispy bone.

3. Braised Sliced Abalone

Abalones are fresh and rich in nutrition. The braised flavor mixed with the freshness of the abalone is quite attractive.

4. Pigeon with West Sauce

West sauce is one of the common used sauces in Guangdong Cuisine. It has a spicy but sweet flavor. And the pigeon is about 22 to 25 days old which is fleshy and has less fat, soft bone but with much muscle on the chest and legs. Pigeon cooked with west sauce not only looks beautiful, but also tastes wonderful. 

5. Assorted Yipin Pot

It has the functions of eliminating toxin, beautifying skin, delaying ageing, and all in all, keeping people in good health.

6. Assorted Cold Dishes

Good-looking and good-tasting

7. Vegetarian Food

Use vegetarian food to make meat-like dishes. The color and flavor are all light and rich in nutrition. The food is suitable for everyone.

8. Braised Fin

It contains many kinds of ingredients and with complicated cooking methods. The soup is delicious and rich in nutrition.

9. Tai Ye Chicken

Tai Ye Chicken which with a faint scent of narcissus tea  has fragrant skin, smooth meat and bland and fatness.

10. Baiyun Trotter

Baiyun Trotter is a famous Guangdong dish. It is sweet and fatness. The skin is smooth and crispy, and bones are soft.

And in the end,  we list out some famous restaurants for you:

1. Panda Inn (聚丰园)

2. West garden (西园)

3. Eastern (愉园)

4. Garden Fresh (菜根香)

5. Bingsheng (炳胜)

Enjoy yourselves.

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