Nixon in Beijing 1972

Nixon in Beijing 1972

U.S. President Richard Nixon and China Chairman Mao Zedong meet at Zhongnanhai(中南海),the seat of the central Government on February 21,1972.

As soon as the America delegation arrived in Beijing in 1972, Nixon was summoned for a contact with Mao and sent to Zhongnanhai at 3:00 pm. Although the meeting was supposed to be a very ritual one, many Chinese officers did not think that Mao would meet Nixon that very day considering Mao’s poor health situation and surely this was also unknown to Nixon and the rest of the America diplomats. The scheduled 20 minutes’ meeting lasted more than an hour in talking about the philosophy as Mao’s request. However, indeed, this historical 70 minutes had broken the ice between the U.S. and China, and started to write a new article about bilateral relations.

China Premier Zhou arranged many traveling visits for Nixon and his entourages inBeijing, such as the Great Wall, the Ming Tombs, the Forbidden City,etc.We had to admit that both two countries even the whole world paid great attention to this significant meeting. Therefore the reception work was  highly valued. The day before the Great Wall trip, it started to snow when Nixon and his delegation were watching the sports performance in the Capital Gymnasium. And, the worst thing was, the snow was too heavy to guarantee the America delegation’s next day’s outside trip. But Premier Zhou insisted that the itinerary should not be changed. Dozens of watering carts were moved on to the main road to clean the snow and many people were ordered to clean the pavement of the Great Wall.

U.S. President Richard Nixon

Badaling Great Wall is the earliest section opened to tourists in Beijing.Since Badaling Great Wall is a card of China, visting Badaling Great Wall is a must in the agenda of Nixon's Visit to Beijing.

Nixon and his wife on the great wall

Nixon and his wife on the great wall

Nixon visited Forbidden City

Nixon was visiting the Forbidden City in Beijing and the translator Tang Wensheng was happily introducing the history of this well-preserved Mingqing palace.

Besides some official meeting with Chinese leaders, Nixon and the rest of the Amercia diplomats were also visited the local people to know their life. Some of them were lovely children who were considered to be the future of China.

 Nixon shaked hands with a childNixon and his wife meet with Chinese children

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