China Canton Fair

China Canton Fair, (officially named as China import and Export Fair today) is the largest Chinese trade fair at the highest level. Since its inauguration in the spring of 1957, the fair is held twice a year in spring and autumn in Guangzhou. For more than half a century, China has experienced political unrest, nature disaster, restraint of trade and foreign hostility, and wars, famines, depressions and SARS. But nothing ever interrupted the China Canton Fair, 110 former China Canton Fairs has been successfully held at the spring of its 56 years.

The Canton Fair has already grown to be a mature trade fair which has loyal buyers reaching 200,000. The fair will offer best opportunity for business and most effective gateway into China and the world market.

Upcoming updates forecast

As the 111th China Canton Fair is coming this spring, the upcoming webpage of Canton Fair will include the related services in Guangzhou such as hotel booking, private transportation, flight (domestic)/train ticket booking, sightseeing tours and etc.

Meanwhile we will also provide wide range free information and tips for the most concerned questions for foreign buyers, such as overseas buyers’ registration, public transportations, and exhibits, and so on.

A few miscellaneous stories about China Canton Fair:

1957, the first China Canton Fair began at the spring. Only 13 trading delegations from 19 countries (or region) were represented in this Canton Fair, and over ten thousand products were exhibited there. The major buyers were from Hong Kong, Macao, and Singapore.

 The Volume of business in the Second China Canton Fair at the autumn of 1957 was 4 times as the spring. The total trading volume of the China Canton Fair in 1957 was 86.57 million US dollar, which was about 20% of China totally Spot income this year. The estimated GPD per capita of China at 1957 was about $ 66.26 U.S. (165.2 CNY). 

1966, in the beginning of the Cultural Revolution, 2673 revolutionary slogans and sayings were labeling around the fair center, with another 445 pieces of Chinese Leader portraits. There were slogans in the door of toilets, and portraits in the negotiation table, literally. These slogans and portraits disappeared gradually during the opening of China, and now were replaced by the colorful labels of advertisement.

 1967, two groups of folk militants occupied one of the exhibition centers at the eve of Canton Fair, and were fighting against each other. The Primary Minster of China Zhou went there, and successfully persuaded them to cease fire. The Spring Canton Fair of 1967 was held without flaws.

 1972 after Sino-American détente, 42 U.S. buyers were invited to the spring Canton Fair, and this was the first time the U.S. company attended commercial Fair in China after more than 20 years embargo.

 1986, the first “made in China” jeans has changed hands to U.S. buyer, and now it is in the almost every street of U.S.

1987, the first computer was introduced to the officers of Canton Fair. Before that, the piles and piles of invitation letters were basically sent by post. Address and names in each envelope were manually input through typewriter, who used to work over time together with the typist. Thanks to the merits of computer, the Canton Fair managed to increase their clients from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, thousands of thousands afterward.

 1989, the total turn volume of the two Canton Fairs this year was 10.89 Billion U.S. dollar.

 1999, in the 85th Canton Fair, the turn volume was 11.52 billion U.S. dollar.

 2006, in the 100th Canton Fair, the above volume reached $ 22.2 billion.

 2011, in the 110th Canton Fair, it reached $ 379 billion.



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