Easy mandarin dialog, Chinese food & cuisine <33>: **回锅肉**No MSG in my dishes

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Pronunciation Meaning
word 妈妈 ma1 ma ma ma mon, mother
word 中国菜 zhong1 guo2 cai4 drong gwo tsai Chinese dish
word 做菜 zuo4 cai4 zwo tsai cook, prepare dishes
sentence 好香啊! hao3 xiang1 a hwo siung R It smells delicious!
word 回锅肉 hui2 guo1 rou4 hwi gwo role Twice-cooked Pork
phrase 烹饪班 peng1 ren4 ban1 peng ren ban cooking class
word xue2 shjue learn, study
word 新, 新的 xin1,xin1 de sin, sin de new
word 菜式 cai4 shi4 tsai shr recipe(s)
word 喜欢 xi3 huan1 si hwan like, love
word 生日 sheng1 ri4 sheng ri birthday
word 聚会 ju4 hui4 jyu hwi party
word 吃/吃过 chi1/chi1 guo4 chr/chr gwo eat, taste/had tasted
phrase 这道菜 zhe4 dao4 cai4 dre dau tsai this dish
word zai4 dzai at, be, in
word 街角 jie1 jiao3 jie jiau street corner
phrase 中国餐馆 zhong1 guo2 can1 guan3 drong gwo tsan gwan Chinese restaurant
sentence 味道好极了。 wei4 dao4 hao3 ji2 le way dau how ji le. It tastes great.
word 比…更~ bi3…geng4~ B…geng~ more~than…
word 健康 jian3 kang1 jian kung health, healthy
word 味精 wei3 jing1 way jing MSG, monosodium glutamate
word jia1 jia add…(to)
word 高温 gao1 wen1 gau wen high temperature
word 加热 jia1 re4 jia re heat
phrase 别忘了… bie2 wang4 le… bie one le don’t forget (to do)
word 点菜 dian3 cai4 dian tsai order dishes
word 提醒 ti2 xing3 ti2 sing3 remind
word 服务生 fu2 wu4 sheng1 fu wu sheng waitor
sentence 不要味精。 bu1 yao4 wei4 jing1 bu yau way jing No MSG.

►Dialogue content:

Jack: 妈妈,你在做什么菜?好香啊!
Pinyin: ma ma, ni zai zuo shen me cai? hao xiang a!
Pronunciation: ma ma, ni dzai zwo shen mer tsai? how siung R!
Meaning: Mom, what are you cooking? It smells delicious!

Mom: 回锅肉,中国菜。我昨天在烹饪班学的新菜式。
Pinyin: hui guo rou, zhong guo cai. wo zuo tian zai peng ren ban xue de xin cai shi.
Pronunciation: hwi gwo role, drong gwo tsai. wall zwo tian dzai peng ren ban shyue de sin tsai shr.
Meaning: Twice-cooked pork, a Chinese dish. I learned the new recipe on the cooking class yesterday.

Jack: 我喜欢回锅肉!在Lee的生日聚会上,我吃过这道菜。就在街角的中国餐馆。味道好极了。
Pinyin: wo xi huan gui guo rou! zai Lee de sheng ri ju hui shang, wo chi guo zhe dao cai. jiu zai jie jiao de zhong guo can guan. wei dao hao ji le.
Pronunciation: wall si hwan hwi gwo role! dzai Lee de sheng ri jyu hwi shung, wall chr gwo dre dau tsai. jiu dzai jie jiau de drong gwo tsan gwan. way dau hau ji le.
Meaning: I like Twice-cooked pork! I had tried the dish on Lee’s birthday party,in the Chinese restaurant at the street corner. It tastes great.

Mom: 我的回锅肉比餐馆的更健康。因为我没有加味精。
Pinyin: wo de hui guo rou bi can guan de geng jian kang. yin wei wo mei you jia wei jing.
Pronunciation: wall de gwi gwo role B tsan gwan de geng jian kung. in way wall may yo jia way jing.
Meaning: My Twice-cooked pork must be healthy than that of restaurant. Because I have not add MSG to it.

Jack: 味精会影响健康?
Pinyin: wei jing hui ying xiang jian kang?
Pronunciation: way jing hwi ing siung jian kung?
Meaning: Does MSG hurt health?

Mom: 是的,尤其是经过高温加热的味精。下次去中国餐馆,别忘了在点菜的时候提醒服务生”不要味精”。

Pinyin: shi de, you qi shi jing guo gao wen jia re de wei jing. xia ci qu zhong guo can guan, bie wang le zai dian cai de shi hou ti xing fu wu sheng “bu yao wei jing”.
Pronunciation: shr de, yo tsi shr jing gwo gau wen jia re de way jing. sia ts tree drong gwo tsan gwan, bie one le dzai dian tsai de shr hole ti sing fu wu sheng “bu yau way jing”.
Meaning: Yes, especially that heated by high temporature. So don’t forget to tell the waitor “No MSG” next time you order dishes in a Chinese restaurant.


Meat from pig’s leg of 370 grams, 70g green garlic (green pepper or yellow garlic can also be used), 25 grams of cooking oil; soy bean paste, soy sauce and yellow wine are 12g for each item. Moreover, 5 grams each for white sugar, sweet sauce and shallot are to be added. MSG is common in Chinese cuisine, but you can ignore it you don’t like it.

Meat from pig's leg

►Cooking Methods:

Pat the chicken chest meat to make it become loose, and slice it into small blocks, approximately 1 or 2 cubic centimeters in size. Add salt, soy sauce, wet starch with the meat in a bowl and stir together. Fry peanuts and remove the skins, cut the chilies into 2-cm long pieces. Add sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, broth and wet starch into another bowl and make it become base sauce of the chicken dish. Before stir-frying all the stuff, heat the cooking oil and add the pepper. Remove pepper and add dried red chilies, and the hot oil in the pan becomes red. Then add the chicken pieces with yellow wine and stir-fried. Put ginger, garlic and pieces of shallot in and fry. Pour the base sauce and boil, add peanuts and deep-fry again. The Kung-pao Chicken is ready!

Twice-cooked Pork

Twice-cooked Pork 回锅肉
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