World Wide Dragon Stamps


As usual, China Post Office published the dragon stamp for the following dragon year of China. Thanks to the chief artist who refused to follow the crowd, this year, the Chinese zodiac animal figure in the stamp is not a mild, peaceful, cute little thing, but an awesome threatening dragon.


And as usual, the seeking British News found one more thing to criticize. 4 Jan 2012, the day before the newly dragon stamp was officially released to public, the Telegraph published an article: “The Chinese Dragon stamp draws fire for ‘scaring’ the world”. And the next day BBC China followed this report and claimed “Dragon stamp creates furore”, together with a video of massive Chinese people queuing for the Dragon stamp. Both reports claimed that this intimidating design enraged Chinese civilians.

 I do not know how the British define intimidating and ferocious-looking, but maybe we can compare the Chinese dragon stamp with the following dragon stamp designed by artist Dave McKean under the Royal Mail commission 2009.

And the Royal Mail will also for the first time have a stamp issue to mark the Lunar New Year 2012. However I have to admit some pictures are suggesting me that the designer lives in a world of 20 years ago. And it is really confusing me that one hundred and seventy years later, British still cannot figure out the fact that the traditional Chinese dragons do not breathe fire or water. Chinese Dragons are gods of water, and are able to control it, but they usually do not breathe it. Ancient Chinese mythology suggests that the Chinese dragon fights with teeth, claws and tail, never with breathe. I think it is not fair to criticize something they know little about.

The Royal Mail stamps 2012 for the Lunar Dragon Year:


Nevertheless, many other States are issuing Chinese dragon stamps this year as well. Let us review their understanding to the Chinese dragon and dragon year:

  US stamps 2012 for the Lunar Dragon Year:

Canada stamps 2012 for the Lunar Dragon Year:


Australia stamps 2012 for the Lunar Dragon Year:


Burundi stamps 2012 for the Lunar Dragon Year:


UN stamps 2012 for the Lunar Dragon Year:





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    Malaysia 2012 dragon stamp variation FDC – with mooncake festive dragon lantern!

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