Enjoy the Warm Winter in the Tropical Hainan

 Hainan Province with its literal meaning “South of the Sea” is composed of approximately 200 islands stretching its vast broad coastline, thus comes the name of “Hainan Island”.

 Lying in the deep south ofChinawith its tropical moist monsoonal climate, Hainan has been hailed as one of the most ideal holiday resort in winter with its weather change by a small margin all the year around. The coldest months are January and February when the temperature still remains 16-21°C while the hottest months are July and August with temperatures ranging from 25 to 29°C. With its advantageous climate condition,Hainanhas been embracing numerous foreign travelers from all over the world, particularly in winter seasons. Its greenery, Brilliant sunshine, golden beach as well as the cozy weather has made the harsh winter warm and balmy.





With the aim of making Hainan travel more convenient to the foreigners, the Hainan government has issued a visa-upon-arrival policy which is available to citizens from as many as 26 countries. There is no need for people from the above mentioned 26 countries to pre-apply for Chinese visas in their home countries before setting off to Hainan, China. People as mentioned above are capable of applying for a 15-day tourist visa on arrival at Haikou and Sanya via sea or air. A further 15 days can also be extended from the 15-day visa on arrival. You can also travel to Chinese mainland with Hainan visa on arrival as long as the visa is still valid. That is to say, travelers can stay in Hainan for as long as 2 weeks and then if you still want to go to the mainland, you can firstly extend your visa on the island and then pay another visit to the mainland for as long as 2 weeks.





The following documentations are required if you want to visit Hainan:

  1. valid passport
  2. 2 passport-sized photos
  3. processing fee

Here are the recommended most popular must-go places in Hainan:

1.Tianya Haijiao                       2.Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area

3.Luhuitou Peak Park                  4.Coral Reef National Natural Reserve

5. Sanya Daxiaodongtian Scenic Area    6.YalongBeach

7.Five-Lord Memorial





White sand, blue water and palm trees and the sun worshippers, all these make Hainan the most fascinating and charming place to go in the severe winter. Whether sipping coconut milk as the clean ocean water laps at your feet or floating through a coral jungle,Hainan is the resort to go for the cozy winter.

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