Easy mandarin dialog each day, during your China travel <31>: **使用公共厕所**find a comfort station during travel in China

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The public toilets in China are normally of the squatting type. You can find public toilets in the airports, railway stations, hotels, big restaurants such as KFC, big shopping centers, subway stations and most of the tourist attractions, etc. The toilets in the airports, hotels, big restaurants and major tourist attractions tend to be clean as well as most hotels also have toilet paper in their cubicles. However the public toilets on the streets and in normal living quarters normally have no toilet paper available. As such, we suggest that you bring toilet paper and liquid soap along with you if you needed to stay outside for long time.

public toilet in China

public toilet in China


Pinyin Pronunciation Meaning
word 不舒服 bu1 shu1 fu2 bu shu fu be not good, uncomfortable
phrase 肠胃不好 chang2 wei4 bu1 hao3 chung way bu hau suffer from indigestion
word 拉肚子,腹泻 la1 du4 zi3, fu4 xie4 la du zr, fu sie diarrhea
word 经常 jing1 chang2 jing chung often, usually
word 坏消息 huai4 xiao1 xi1 hwai siao si bad news
word 马上 ma3 shang4 ma shung as soon as possible, immediately
word 上海 shang4 hai3 shung  high Shanghai (city in east China)
word 出差 chu1 chai1 true chai business travel
word 明天/今天/昨天 ming2 tian1/ jin1 tian1/ zuo2 tian1 ming tian/ jin tian/ zwo tian tomorrow/ today / yesterday
word 吃药 chi1 yao4 chr yau have medicine
word 来不及… lai2 bu1 ji2 lie bu ji too late to…
word 出门 chu1 men2 true men go out
word 纸巾 zhi3 jin1 zhr jin facial tissue
word 酒店 jiu3 dian4 jiu dian hotel
word 地铁站 di4 tie3 zhan4 D tie dran subway station
word 大商场 da4 shang1 chang3 da shung chung super market, shopping center
word 肯德基/麦当劳 ken3 de2 ji1/ mai4 dang1 lao2 ken de ji/ my dung lau KFC/ McDonald’s
word 免费的 mian3 fei4 de mian fay de free, no charged
word 公共厕所 gong1 gong4 ce4 suo3 gong gong tse swo comfort station, public toilet
sentence 请问,附近哪里有厕所? qing3 wen4, fu4 jin4 na3 li3 you3 ce4 suo3 ? tsing wen, fu jin na li yo tse swo? Excuse me, could I know where is the nearest comfort station?
word 汉字 han4 zi4 han zr Chinese character
word 标识, 标记 biao3 shi2, biao3 ji4 biau shr, biau ji signal, mark
word 男/女 nan2/ nv3 nan/ nju man,male/ woman,female

Dialogue Content:

Lee: 下午好,Alex. 你看起来不太舒服?
Pinyin: xia wu hao, Alex. ni kan qi lai bu tai shu fu?
Pronunciation sia wu hau, Alex. ni can tsi lie bu tie shu fu?
Meaning: Good afternoon, Alex. You look not so good.

Alex: 下午好,Lee。我最近肠胃不好,经常拉肚子。
Pinyin: xia wu hao, Lee. wo zui jin chang wei bu hao, jing chang la du zi.
Pronunciation: sia wu hau, Lee. wo zwi jin chung way bu hau, jing chung la du zr.
Meaning: Good afternoon, Lee. I am suffering from indigestion during these days and have some trouble with diarrhea.

Lee: 是吗?这真是个坏消息,你不是马上要去上海出差吗?
Pinyin: shi ma? zhe zhen shi ge huai xiao xi, ni bu shi ma shang yao qu shang hai chu chai ma?
Pronunciation: shr ma? dre dren shr ge hwai siau si, ni bu shr ma shung yau tree shung high chu chai ma?
Meaning: Really? It’s a bad news. Are you going to have a business trip to Shanghai recently?

Jack: 是的,明天就走。我想今天吃药也来不及了。我该怎么办?
Pinyin: shi de, ming tian jiu zou. wo xiang jin tian chi yao ye lai bu ji le. wo gai zen me ban?
Pronunciation: shr de, ming tian jiu dzou. wo siung jin tian chr yau year lie bu ji le. wo guy dzen me ban?
Meaning: Yes, I’ll go tomorrow. I think it’s too late to have medicine now.  What could I do?

Lee: 那你出门的时候记得带些纸巾。上海的酒店、地铁站、大商场以及肯德基和麦当劳这样的西餐厅都有免费的公共厕所。如果再找不到,就问别人:“请问, 附近哪里有厕所?”
Pinyin: na ni chu men de shi hou ji de duo dai xie zhi jin. shang hai de jiu dian, di tie zhan, da shang chang yi ji ken de ji he mai dang lao zhe yang de xi can ting dou you mian fei de gong gong ce suo. ru guo zai zhao bu dao, jiu wen bie ren: “qing wen, fu jin na li you ce suo?”
Pronunciation: na ni chu men de shr hole ji de dwo die sie zhr jin. shung high de jiu dian, D tie dran, da shung chung E ji ken de ji her mai dung lau dre yung de si tsan ting dou yo mian fay de gong gong ce swo.  ru gwo dzai drau bu dau, jiu wen bie ren: “Tsing wen, fu jin na li yo tse swo?”
Meaning: Bring some facial tissue along with you when you  go out.  Free comfort stations can be found in hotels, subway stations, supermarkets and western-style restaurants like KFC or McDonald’s. If you were in difficulty to find a comfort station, ask a passerby for help :”Excuse me, could I know where is the nearest comfort station? ”

Alex: 好的,谢谢你!
Pinyin: hao de, xie xie ni!
Pronunciation: how de, sie sie ni!
Meaning: Ok. Thank you.

Lee: 不用谢。另外, 如果厕所的入口只有汉字标识,进有“男”字标识的入口. “女”字表示女士专用。
Pinyin: bu yong xie. ling wai, ru guo ce suo de ru kou zhi you han zi biao shr, jin you “nan” zi biao shr de ru kou. “nv” zi biao shr nv shr zhuan yong.
Pronunciation: bu yong sie. ling why tsing dru E ru gwo ce swo de ru kou dri yo han dzr biau shr, jin yo “nan” zr biau shr de ru kou. “nju” zr biau shr nju shr drwan yong.
Meaning:  Don’t mention it. Futhermore,  if you only found signals in Chinese characters at the entrances of a toilet, just enter the entrance marked as “男”.  And “女” means females only.


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