Imogen Heap and Tea Plantation

View Tea Plantation Garden in Hangzhou, Imogen Heap’s steps in Hangzhou in a larger map

Attention, attention, here comes the latest activity of our great idol Imogen Heap!!!! She has taken a stroll in one of Hangzhou’s Tea Plantation!!! Hahaha, our lovely Heap also wanted to have a profound experience of Chinese tea culture, especially in the home of Chinese tea—-Hangzhou. What a great experience!! Hahaha,I just wonder if our great Heap also learnt how to pick and make tea or not?????? Anyway, Chinese tea plantation really worths a visit. Let’s following Heap’s traces and feeling the fragrant smell of the green tea if time permits!!

Hangzhou Tea Plantation

Hangzhou Tea Plantation

What is coming next???? Full of expectation:):):)
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  1. tamuna says:

    hi i am interesting have you green and black tea?

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