Easy mandarin dialog each day, during your China travel <28>: **中医足底按摩**escape from tiredness of work

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A tip for health

In Chinese medicine, invisible pathways in the body that circulate the flow of blood and, link the individual to cosmic forces or influences, protect the body against external causes of disease, and regulate the yin/yang balance.  This is a picture for the pathways under feet. And if you felt uncomfortable or tired during travel,you could find a foot massage house easily in most cities of China no matter for curing your sickness or just a relax.



Pinyin Pronunciation Meaning
word 不舒服 bu4 shu1 fu2 bu shu fu uncomfortable, feel bad
phrase 看起来 kan4 qi3 lai2 kan tsi lie look as if
sentence 我还好。 wo3 hai2 hao3 wo high how I’m fine.
word 头疼 tou2 teng2 tou teng headache
word 工作 gong1 zuo4 gong zwo work, job
word tai4 tie too,very, extremely
word mang2 mung busy
phrase 这几天 zhe4 ji3 tian1 dre ji tian in these days
word 休息 xiu1 xi1 siu si rest, have a rest
word 可是 ke3 shi4 ke shr but
word 至少 zhi4 shao3 zhr shau at least
word 坚持 jian1 chi2 jian chr hold on, keep, insist on
phrase 一个月 yi1 ge4 yue4 E ge yuer one month
word 直到 zhi2 dao4 zhr dau untill
word 旺季 wang4 ji4 one ji busy season
word 结束 jie2 shu4 jie shu the end of
word 吃药 chi1 yao4 chr yau have medicine
word 不一定 bu4 yi1 ding4 bu E ding may not
word 利于 li4 yu4 li yu be good to
word 健康 jian4 kang1 jian kung health
word 缓解 huan3 jie3 hwan jie relieve, relax
phrase 工作疲劳 gong1 zuo4 pi2 lao2 gong zwo pi lau tiredness of work
word 推荐 tui1 jian4 twi jian recommend
word 中医足底按摩 zhong1 yi1 zu2 di3 an4 mo2 drong E dzu D an mo traditional Chinese foot massage
word 而且,并且 er2 qie3, bing4 qie3 er tsie, bing tsie and, further more
phrase 浪费时间 lang4 fei4 shi2 jian1 lang fay shr jian waste time
sentence 是吗? shi4 ma1 shr ma Really?/ Yes?
word 服务 fu2 wu4 fu wu service
word 附近 fu4 jin4 fu jin nearby, neighbouring
word 试试 shi4 shi shr shr have a try
word 通知 tong1 zhi1 tong zhr give notice, message
word 带…过去 dai4…guo4 qu4 die…gwo tree take sb. there

Dialogue Content

Lee: Bell先生,您看起来不太舒服?
Pinyin:  Bell xian sheng, nin kan qi lai bu tai shu fu?
Spelling:  Bell sian sheng, nin kan tsi lie bu tie shu fu?
Meaning: Mr. Bell, you look uncomfortable now?

Bell: 我还好,只是有点儿头疼。这几天工作太忙了。
Pinyin: wo hai hao, zhi shi you dian er tou teng. zhe ji tian gong zuo tai mang le.
Spelling: wo high how, dri shr yo dian er tou teng. dre ji tian gong zwo tie mung le.
Meaning: I’m fine. Just get a little headache. I’m really busy during these days.

Lee: 您需要多休息, Bell先生。
Pinyin: nin xu yao duo xiu xi,Bell xian sheng.
Spelling: nin she yau dwo siu si, Bell sian sheng.
Meaning: You need some rest, Mr. Bell.

Bell: 可是我至少还要再坚持一个月,直到旺季结束。我是不是该吃点儿药?
Pinyin: ke shi wo zhi shao hai yao zai jian chi yi ge yue, zhi dao wang ji jie shu. wo shi bu shi gai chi dian er yao?
Spelling: ke shr wo dri shau high yau dzai jian chr E ge yuer, zhr dau sheng E de one ji jie shu. wo shr bu shr guy chr dian er yau?
Meaning: But I have to insist on for at least one month untill the end of the busy season. Should I have some medicine?

Lee: 吃药不一定利于健康,Bell先生。您需要缓解工作疲劳,我推荐您去做中医足底按摩。效果应该不错,而且不会浪费时间。

Pinyin: chi yao bu yi ding li yu jian kang, Bell xian sheng. nin xu yao huan jie gong zuo pi lao, wo tui jian nin qu zuo zhong yi zu di an mo. xiao guo ying gai bu cuo, er qie bu hui lang fei shi jian.
Spelling: chr yau bu E ding li yu jian kung, Bell sian sheng. nin she yau hwan jie gong zwo pi lau, wo twi jian nin tree dzwo  drong E dzu D an mo. siao gwo ing guy bu cwo, er tsie bu lung fay shr jian.
Meaning: Medicine may be not good to your health, Mr. Bell. You need some relax as an escape from the tiredness of work. I recommend traditional Chinese foot massage to you. The effect must be good. And it will not waste your time.

Bell: 是吗?哪里有这种服务?
Pinyin: shi ma? na li you zhe zhong fu wu?
Spelling: shr ma? na li yo dre drong fu wu?
Meaning: Really? Where can I find this kind of service?

Lee: 酒店附近就有。如果您想试试,请通知我一声。我带您过去。
Pinyin: jiu dian fu jin jiu you. ru guo nin xiang shi shi, qing tong zhi wo yi sheng. wo dai nin guo qu.
Spelling: jiu dian fu jin jiu yo. ru gwo nin siung shr shr, tsing tong zhr wo E sheng. wo die nin gwo tree.
Meaning: Not far from the hotel. If you wanted a try, please message me. I can take you there.

Bell: 好的。谢谢你,Lee。
Pinyin: hao de. xie xie ni, Lee.
Spelling: how de. sie sie ni, Lee.
Meaning: Ok. Thanks, Lee.





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