Trip to Suzhou

My memory to Suzhou can trace back to two years ago, I travel with my friend to Suzhou, Wuxi, and Nanjing in National Holiday. As a passer-by of Suzhou, this garden city didn’t leave me too deep impression before; we arrived at night and stayed in a randomly chosen budget hotel, stroll around the commercial street and visit the Grand Canal the next day, but hesitate when I passed the front gate of the UNESCO Humble Administrator Garden because of noisy crowd. In my opinion, the real ambiance of classical Chinese garden depends on both the construction itself and also the tranquil atmosphere. I’d rather visit it in another week days than walking with the huge stream of tourists. Then we leave Suzhou the next day so I barely explore the genuine charming of this city. I lost another chance to deeply visit Suzhou again last year when spending vacation with my parents because a temporary change of our traveling schedule.

China Absolute Tours Joint Photo in Tongli Water Town near Suzhou

Our company’s activity this time enables me to deeply explore this city and gain a further realization about Suzhou.

trip to Suzhou garden: Humble Administrator Garden

1. The UNESCO classical garden is especially amazing due to the lotus flowers blossoming during late summer. The unique ambiance is felt especially in the Master of the Nets Garden with fewer tourists.

2. Suzhou museum is recommended to be visited by accompanying with a professional guide because the museum is worthy a visit both for its design by I.M. Pei and its rich collection.

3. Tongli water town beside Suzhou is quite special for its ancient bridges and its riverside teahouses. We would like to stay there longer if we have more time.

My next blog will be deeply mentioned about some suggested impressive details. See you next week^_^

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