Rhoda’s Memory of Upcoming Chinese Festivals

The grandeur of the 60th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China.

Oct,1 a happy day , when I took a seat in front of the TV set , I can feel the jubilant mood all our compatriats were in .yeah , especially when  the  defense troops of the Chinese’ liberation army marched past Tian’ an Men Square , I was thoroughly obsessed by the magnificent and mighty grand parade of the PLA army , particularly mention , the PLA’ second artillery troops ,and the female members of the Chinese militia were really eye catching . when the whole troops in their brand new army uniforms ,standing in phalanxes along Changan avenue  waited for inspection , all the people present were so excited ,maybe this word is not too accurate to describe the ambience spreading around the vast square . It was a special moment when our state top leader , or the chairman of the central military commission Hu Jingtao reviewed the whole forces in the open roofed Red Flag limousine cruising along Changan avenue .I was completely shocked by the view of so many advanced newly made weaponry which were made by China on its own .maybe when all the grand parade on foot ,the sophisticated radar ,the unmanned aerial vehicles and ect. were put under the international spotlight , the only word you could use to describe this scene is incredible , maybe just beyond all words .

Spirits remained high and soared when some 60 floats represented everything ranging from china’ geographic areas to last year’ s Olympics . New China shows its pride and glory in the former parade in the morning and the evening gala in which president Hu and other state leaders danced and sang hand in hand with the gala performers, another catching view . But  what a pity , I missed the fireworks show at the beginning of the gala .It is said that there were 42000 shells  shooting up and exploded in the sky ,lighting up the vast Tian’ an Men rostrum .

 The celebrations of  new China’ 60th founding anniversary vitnesses a great many progress and achievements which were obivously attained in the past six decades .China has already evolved from a war torn ,economically devasted failed state into the world’ great power , the world’ three largest economy . We have vitnessed the sharp missile weapons and the powerful defense force and the daily improving life quality of the civilians . When we turned around , the replying voice of the troops in the course of being under inspection by president Hu echoing in Tian’ an Men Square :greetings ,leader …….. we serve the people ……..we were inspired . by the way , greetings ,my beloved PLA comrades.

The upcoming Mid-autumn Festival

The Mid-autumn Festival, sometimes also refeered to as the latern festival, is a great festival celebrated by all Chinese people particularly for great harvest as it is held on the 15th day of the eight month in Chinese calendar when the full harvest will be celebrated by farmers in the past. On this day, all the Chinese family will unite together to admire the bright full moon, tasting the delicious mooncakes and regional customs will also be conducted to celebrate this grand festival such as carrying brightly lit laterns, fire dragon dances and so on.

the mooncake

the mooncake

It has been more than half year since I left home earnestly pursuing my dream. What a pity that I could not accompany my dad and mom to celebrate the 2011 Chinese Mid-autumn Festival. Regardless of this, the extremely good time shared together with the whole family appreciating the full moon, tasting moon cakes with different flavors, all has deeply engraved on my mind. Anyway, moon cakes are to Mid-autumn festival what mince pies are to Christmas. The best thing about Mid-autumn festival is having the whole family together. It is time for family reunion.

The teachers day

It is a great delight to know that all the three above mentioned Festivals are in store. When I was still a student last year, when finally came the teacher’s day on October 5th, we all presented a bouquet of flowers as a small token of gratitude to our beloved teachers to honor them for their special contribution to education. What a great and sweet memory. I wish to take this oppotunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to all my kind-hearted teachers accompanying me all the way till I am fully grown. Thanks!





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