Does Traveling Testify Our True Love

Recently I am planning a project targeted to lovers who will travel to China to spend their holidays or honeymoon. The idea originates from the delighting photos I see from some studios. Based on my experiences, nearly every person would like to take nice photos during travel because traveling photos can be a precious part of our future memory.

One of our colleagues  married an elegant Chinese wife and his ideal model to take wedding photos is inspired by Chinese history or love stories. In Hangzhou, the Lady White love story impressed from generation to generation and the ancient folk story naturally adds the romantic ambiance for lovers taking photos here and you can check my former collected photos about some pretty good angles for shooting photos in Hangzhou.

I start to arrange the daily itinerary to match the possible expectation for lovers such as the recommended shooting places in my suggested cities, the traditional Chinese style costumes they can choose, the role they would like to “play” and even the special background we can customized, etc. Do you have any better idea to share with me?

China Honeymoon Travel: Take Your Ideal Love Photo

Take your love photo in front of Chinese ancient palace.

China Honeymoon Travel: Take Your Ideal Love Photos

Take Your Photo in traditional Chinese style with cheong-sam

China Honeymoon Travel: Take Your Ideal Love Photos

Take your photo with Chinese revolutionary uniform

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