How to Enhance Our China Travel Services Part One

Two months passed since my previous blog, except traveling to Yunnan with my family members for a week, the rest of time is focused on work and training. As the peak travel season has arrived, our company plans to offer our clients more choices based on personal preferences as well as better navigation by a more eye-catching guideline.

Erhai Lake in Dali of Yunnan

Erhai Lake in Dali of Yunnan: Time for Meditation

Yesterday I picked up a telephone call from Australia, the lady said she was looking for the tailor made private tour for visiting ONLY the top four Buddhist mountains in China and find it pretty hard to match what she needs on Internet. After viewing our article, she gave a call to make an inquiry about the possibility of her plan with her husband next month. After hearing my positive reply about assigning our travel consultant to deal with her inquiry, she felt satisfied and happy; a sense of responsibility arose in my mind at the same time for serve any of our clients the exact ideal tour of what they desire.

When I travel in Lijiang, many foreign backpackers are strolling around the UNESCO heritage ancient city; two ladies were seeking their booked hotel anxiously by holding a hand-drawn map while we are enjoying the leisure walk along the lane. I assist them to ask the locals to show them the correct direction so that they will not get too confused. This case just remind me about the customer service, which should be concentrated on the improvement of avoid our clients getting lost at utmost. Undoubtedly, there are huge amount of different kinds of confusions for a traveler to travel a new country or a specific new destination. For the first time travelers to China, the most well known cities representative as the symbol of contemporary China such as Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai always rank top of our recommendation. However, we can’t show you our strong points if we just displayed the Bla Bla Bla itineraries which has no real highlights about our special offer and personal care, so this year we emphasize our “Customized” feature more to present our visitors strong message that any travel related questions are welcomed to contact us by communicating any detailed preferences.

One of my former clients Brian, who has a Chinese wife asked for one day family tour from Shanghai to Tongli water town, told me that at the very beginning he sent me email just because our website was the best describing Tongli in Suzhou. After further communication, we built mutual trust and I also answer some other questions for him, so naturally the whole process is fluent and Brian appreciated our services even though a minor case happen during their trip.

China Absolute Tours Company Outing in Shanghai

China Absolute Tours Company Outing in Shanghai

Our company organized a set of professional training including the experts’ presentation as well as one outing to Shanghai in a weekend of June. The editor and sales team are required to cooperate and communicate more frequently so that our travel packages can associate with useful China travel resources more closely. Monthly birthday party for company stuff has been held for months and harmonious working atmosphere created more passionate attitude.

Kindly wait for my second part. ^_^

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  1. Dorothy says:

    Boom shaalkaka boom boom, problem solved.

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    Home run! Great sulggnig with that answer!

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