The first Chinese Tourism Day Coming

May the 19th is the first Chinese Tourism Day to be publicized. Is it just a concept? What does it symbolize? The general phenomenon is that distinctive travel promotional campaigns have been held by many scenic spots, hotels and travel agencies ranging from an alluring discount to totally free offer today.

It seemed to be just a defined “special” day to commemorate tourism industry and demonstrate that the whole country pay great attention to mass travel related things. In fact, the first Chinese Tourism Day has more extended meaning.

One famous historical figured can’t be omitted, his name is Xuxiake (1368–1644), and he traveled throughout China for more than 30 years. Before 22 years old, he fellow the traditional way to take imperial examination as most people did during that period until he failed to make successful achievement. However, fate led him to another exciting route. He is interested in reading geographic works since his childhood, and making a wish to travel nationwide when he grew up. He kept studying the former geographic books and finally made his dream to the real action.

The more unexplored a place is, the more attractiveness it retains.  His footprints extent to 16 provinces of China containing Zhejiang, Beijing, Henan, Jiangsu, Shanxi, Jiangxi, Hunan, Yunnan and Guizhou, etc. Not only travelling along to have fun, he took notes carefully with specific description about what he saw and observed in each place where he went and finally composed travel record literature.

He made a great contribution to geographic science, especially focus on the study of limestone landform. His mother talked to him before he started to travel around. “Be ready to realize your aspiration anywhere all over the country.”Then he began to travel for freedom and the spirit of expedition, which inspired generation by generation of Chinese descendant.

There are lots of active users to follow some promotional campaign organized by some tourism bureaus including Australia, Turkey and South Africa in Chinese sina twitter. Undoubtedly, Chinese tourism market is quite huge in outbound travel industry. Anyway, for anyone, the primary and basic desire to travel is an idea to gain larger vision as well as sharing different thoughts with different people around the world.

Like different kinds of music style, travel to different destinations is really a precious experience. One of my friends posts as below: With the money to buy an iphone4, you can travel to Yunnan to view the colorful natural wonders and ethnic culture; with the money to buy Hermes, you can make a decision to travel to Europe; with the money to buy an expensive sporty car, you may possible to plan a round world trip. The real richness depends on the smart thoughts rather than the exterior luxury. When we grew old, how interesting it will be to tell our kids about our former travelling experiences and share various stories rather than showing them a collection mixed with out of fashion expensive items.

May 19th, by similar pronunciation of Chinese character “我要溜Wo Yao Liu”, literally means I want to travel around. Gladly I made several good friends through Facebook and we made a promise to plan a travel and meet each other in future, of course I will plan to go to Indonesia, Israel, US, Singapore. I think I will keep them in mind and put my plans into practice.

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