Spring Time going on

Nearly one month passed since my last blog published and during this period so many things happen as pretty nice memory to me.

Undoubtedly, March and April are two best months in the season of spring, weather becomes warm and various spring flowers begin to blossom, no one would prefer to stay at home to be a  coach potato, organizing an outing in such a terrific season is surely a popular choice. “踏(tà)青(qīng)” (Literally means “Go for an outing when the grass has just turned green”) becomes a hotspot and for me, I can’t miss any weekend free time to go out with my friends, shooting photos for photography learning as well as eating and chatting in the open air under such a lovely spring atmosphere.

I recalled those nice moments which appear in my schedule and make a list below:

1.       Riding bicycles along West Lake with my friends

After Hangzhou is recommended into the 41 most worthy visited city list worldwide by New York Times, more foreign tourists choose to spend at least one day to explore here directly from Shanghai. Last week, the journalist continued to publish an article named “The Poetry of Hangzhou” in New York Times, I contributed several helpful tips in Hangzhou forum of Trip Advisor, answering different questions related Hangzhou travel. For those people who are interested in photography and sightseeing, the round lake rental bicycles as well as electric cars are the most frequent concern. But if your schedule is very tight and would like to explore West Lake by yourself, picking up some well known spots by taxi is suggested so I publish a travel tips named “Hangzhou Public Tourist Transportation & Recommended Landmarks to Reach by Taxi” in our website and will extend more useful information for friendly reference.

Plum flowers taken along West Lake, Hangzhou, China

Plum flowers taken along West Lake

Traditonal Chinese ancient beauty sculpture in plum flowers garden of Hangzhou Botanical Garden

Traditonal Chinese ancient beauty sculpture playing Guqin Zither

I have plenty of time to explore the west lake, so I choose riding bicycles with my friends, challenge riding across the six ancient bridges on Su Causeway but not performed as well as my friend because of the too steep slope for me^_^ Later we take photos of blossomed plum flowers and publish two of my favorite photos, you can see above.

2.       Meet Christine and Wandi for one day leisure tour

I feel quite nice to have chance to meet this lovely couple from Indonesia. Wandi had a meeting in Shanghai and then they squeeze one day to visit Hangzhou by super high speed train mainly because Christine is “immersed in” photography after she got the positive feedback to mention the amazing beauty of Hangzhou. She got so excited to know that I share the similar interest with her and strongly asked me to join in. So, I meet them in the railway station and accompany them to shoot photos. I love the moments when Christine wear the traditional Chinese “queen” costume with her attractive smile, one foreign lady passed by and can’t help giving a comment “Pretty!”. I love the moment when we take a taxi to the flower garden and got extremely happy to watch the sakura flowers. I love the moment Christine talked with me about the photography skill with her not so fluent English but serious attitude. I love the moment Wandi and Christine talked about the various dialects, chili dishes and tasty seafood in Indonesia. I love the moment I give the handcrafted straw braid doll as a gift to them as well as the sincere and cute hug when we say goodbye at the railway station.

Melody and Christine in Flower Garden, Hangzhou, China

Melody and Christine in Sakura Flower Garden

Melody and Christine in Hefang Street of Hangzhou, China

Melody and Christine in Hefang Street of Hangzhou

3.       Flowers and Food: My two favorite subjects

I arrange the Xian Horticultural Expo page and thanks to our editing team lead by David, we collect useful and informative garden and flowers related tips for our visitors to present the most charming attractiveness when they arrange their trip to China. I promised Christine to learn photography step by step and make progress by persistent practices. So I will introduce and compose more original articles about flowers and gardening.

For Chinese food, before we had a “China food” special coverage and I have written some articles in “China Cuisine & Food” category. In the future I will surely continue to extend more interesting experience in my blog based on my own homely made dishes.

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