Acupuncture Points And Health Maintenance: Taichong Acupuncture Point

I realize more about the significance of maintain good health by everyday practice according to traditional Chinese medical theory in recent years. My mother practice Taiji three years ago and my father become a “health expert” to cook nutritious food according to different seasonal features.

24 Solar Terms, Chinese Solar Terms, Chinese Herbal Medication, acupuncture points

An article named “24 solar terms and traditional Chinese medicare” written by our editor David is uploaded. 24 solar terms, generally called Jieqi(24节气) in Chinese, play huge role not only for weather and agriculture but also healthy balance for human beings.

Acupuncture points”, commonly called Xuewei (穴位) in Chinese, remains top search keyword by Google in our website and “Chinese Herbal Medication” gains large popularity among our visitors as it offers a basic introduction of the “acupuncture points” theory. I thought someone may read and then skip it because of its complicated structure and mysterious Yin and Yang. In fact, you can realize its essence by understanding my following explanation while thinking of your own experiences.

I mentioned about one therapy method to “struggle against” the cervical spondylosis before. Maybe you’ll again think it is too professional and abstract, so I plan to extent the “Chinese Health Maintenance” into a series of introduction, sharing with you the wisdom of different acupuncture points.

First, I’d like to raise two hot topics about health below.

1.       Stress Management: Life is not that smooth as expected for everybody. A healthy and happy lifestyle relies on the balance of work, play and sleep. We must admit that sometimes we can’t help losing tempers for some curious reason. Depression may rank the top of psychological diseases; we have no ideas if something upset us or we just feel frightened if some strange symptoms happen in our bodies. No one can dare to say that those slight symptoms would not turn into cancer some day.

2.       Weight Losing: No one especially female prefers to omit this topic because everyone wants to keep fit. Diet drug maintains popular market and at the same time many people are suffering from the side effect because many diet drugs are purge in fact. Exercises in the gym become a mass fever for many people and most of the time very few people can persist to do regular practice. We can’t resist the lure of delicacy while we care our weight and health.

The above two topics happen nearly to everybody’s life. For common people, we can’t afford to hire a professional coach to instruct our daily routine. We follow many health tips but easily quit to follow up those long lists.

From the traditional Chinese medical aspects, every tiny part of our body is in charge of the corresponding functionality of the body’s circulation. For example, every finger of our hand has different effect on its related organ. We improve the strong points and prevent the potential harm by stimulating different acupuncture points.

taichong acupuncture points, Traditional Chinese Medication

Take the stress management for example, Taichong acupuncture (太(tài)冲(chōng)穴(xué)) point is the original acupuncture point closely connected with liver, and liver has essential influence on the temper management. Look at the above sketch map and try to press your own Taichong acupuncture points, if you feel strong ache, that indicate there’s something wrong with your liver and mirror yourself if you can’t control your temple many times. Persist doing massage on it and see if it helps to remove your annoyance.

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  3. Acupuncture says:

    Really acupuncture helps people who want to have balance blood sugar.. thank you for the information. Just keep on sharing.

  4. Tracy Beilstein says:

    It is thought that hormone imbalance can trigger the body secrete a lot more oils than it actually should. Treating acne with acupuncture can assist regulate your body’s hormone output, and thus make your skin clearer. Treating acne with acupuncture isn’t a magic cure-all, though. You still have to eat a balanced diet, wash yourself consistently and prevent heavy makeup or products that might irritate your skin.

    • Bikey says:

      s. She’s been sculessfcluy using acupuncture for some time now and her dog is doing great.These vets have formal education and yet turned to using these techniques. And the dogs are doing well and are able to enjoy their lives.Isn’t that what it is all about? Helping the dogs and allowing them to live our their lives? How do you explain that these veterinary professionals do believe in the benefits of acupuncture as well?Most of the time people turn to alternatives when the traditional is not their option or has failed them. And the alternatives then often are what saves their dogs.Perhaps it shouldn’t work, but it does so how do we wrap our heads around that?

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