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Top 10 Winter Vacation Destinations in China – Part 2

No. 4 Jiuzhaigou Valley It is said that if there are fairylands on earth, Jiuzhaigou Valley must be one of them. Jiuzhaigou Valley is a great masterpiece of nature having dreamlike scenery and abundant natural sceneries. It combines lakes, waterfalls, … Continue reading

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Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival, also known as Yuanxiao Festival or Shangyuan Festival, falls on Lunar January 15th, right after the Spring Festival. It is a traditional festival of China. According to historical records, it came into being in Han Dynasty. There are … Continue reading

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Superior “Invention” From Traditional Chinese Medical Theory—La Jin

Working 9 to 5 five days a week, it is the weekly schedule most white collars follow. Sitting in front of the computer and focusing on the screen for several hours, between health and unhealthiness, there appears a “popular” new … Continue reading

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