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Rice Cooked in Bamboo Tubes

Last weekend, I went out of the town to a small village in the rural area with my younger brother and two friends of mine to get some fresh air. It was really a nice place for outdoor picnic surrounded … Continue reading

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My personal sense of popular Sichuan Cuisine–Chapter 2

When you mention something that is spicy, it just shows one characteristic of Sichuan cuisine–“辣(là)”. Another word–“numbing” (麻(má)) is less referred to due to its unique stimulation of the taste buds. Like the mustard being used in Japanese dish, there’s … Continue reading

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Qibao Watertown in Shanghai

Last winter my friends and I visited the water town of Qi Bao(七宝) on the edge of Shanghai. It is a very old town with a history spanning over 1000 years (It is the only part of Shanghai with a … Continue reading

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