Company Excursion to World Heritage Hongcun Village-Part Two

villagers in Hongcun, YIxian, Huangshan, Anhui, China

This painting alike village is said to be the “ox shape” as the concept of construction. The original idea of the builders is to guard the village by a set of unique design. The surrounding mountains are said to be ox head and bridges to connect the villages across the south lake are said to be the cow feet. Water channels are scattered everywhere along every lanes and the water for daily use by villagers can be flowed along water channel in front of each residence house and finally flow to the south lake.after a strainer exclude the solid rubbish.

geese in Hongcun, Yixian, Huangshan, Anhui, China

The Chinese lotus flowers became withered during winter time and after I came across the horse rider in Hongcun, Yixian, Huangshan, Anhui, Chinabridge and looked back the lake, our guide said that half of the lake was elaborately divided into a “Chinese fan shape” and just from my standing point, the lake shape looked like an arrow, which protected the peaceful and tranquil life of Hongcun village.

As Ryan said in his travel journal, I have witnessed many local villagers sold some souvenirs or local specialty, but I don’t think they led a hard life to increase their incoming. I noticed that most of them just decorate some space of their own house as to open a souvenir shop, a teahouse or an inn. Some elders just come to the village square to sell some of self-made specialties. There’s not so much commercial ambiance inside it and a lot of locals just choose their own life styles, naturally chatting and ride a bicycle to pass away.

I can’t see any telegraph pole inside this ancient village, the red lanterns hanged in front of each residence’s gate to largely create the genuine ancient feeling. I really adored the lovely dogs, ducks and geese in Hongcun, they or lie down to enjoy the warm sunshine, or swimming leisurely, or strolled in a relaxed pace.

To be continued.

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