Company Excursion to World Heritage Hongcun Village-Part One

One of my former blog is mentioned about one excursion to climb the neighboring mountain near Mt. Huangshan, last weekend I went to another neighbor of Mt. Huangshan again. But this time I went to the World Heritage–Hongcun Village(宏村) with company colleagues rather than climbing mountains with friends.

We depart from Hangzhou last Saturday morning with refreshing spirit. Zoe talked about the first snowfall in Hangzhou this year and we feel so warmhearted to receive Richard’s New Year card, luckily some snow remained and added much more charming to our excursion this time. Spending about 4 hours on the way, enjoying peaceful countryside scenery with unmelted snow, we reached Hongcun Village after having tasty countryside style lunch in Yixian(黟县), the county where Hongcun belongs to.

hongcun village, Yixian county, huangshan city, Anhui, ChinaHongcun village, Yixian County, Huangshan City, Anhui, China

Once stepping into the entrance of Hongcun, we totally immersed in the tranquil but lovely scene at first sight. The residence houses are surrounded by a lake where ducks are swimming quietly. There’s no colorful highlights but everywhere you can view a “vivid Chinese oil painting” and from each angle you can feel the simplest but most truthful life style.

To be continued.

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