Superior “Invention” From Traditional Chinese Medical Theory—La Jin

Working 9 to 5 five days a week, it is the weekly schedule most white collars follow. Sitting in front of the computer and focusing on the screen for several hours, between health and unhealthiness, there appears a “popular” new word called “sub health”亚(yà)健(jiàn)康(kāng) in recent years. If we do an inquiry to rank the most common symptoms, cervical spondylosis could be the top concern.

I accompanied a foreign friend to a traditional Chinese hospital in Hangzhou to do treatment on her cervical ache. Before selecting the Chinese style therapy she delivered her X-ray photo to her hometown and let the local western doctors check. Threatened by the advice of having an operation, she determined to try the Chinese way. Rather than making a surgery, she received traditional Chinese medical treatment by massage and acupuncture; otherwise, the doctor emphasized that the most efficient way for recovery depend on her persistence of practicing her “Jin”.

So here comes my keyword today, 拉(lā)筋(jīn). In order to show you a vivid instruction, first look at the following photos and cartoons.

Lajin--Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medical TheoryGuess what the two ladies are doing? Actually they are posturing the two basic ways of La Jin: The standing posture and the lying posture.

What will you associate this kind of posture with, martial art, ballet or opera? Hah, obviously the practice is not as tough as a professional level which is indeed unreachable by common people.

comparison between Zhu style lajin and traditional practice of dancing, martial arts and opera

Lying posture of La Jin, officially invented by a famous Hong Kong doctor named Zhu Zeng Xiang(朱增祥)who has a fifty-year working experience in traditional Chinese medicine domain. After inventing a set of health care practice, he owns his copyright of Zhu style La Jin(朱氏拉筋).

Acupuncture points” is one of the top keywords in our website traffic from Google, which proved that many readers feel interested in knowing those “mysterious treatment” from Chinese traditional medical theory. I just thought that you may feel too academic and professional in our “Chinese Herbal Medication” page; you can imagine Jin as a “container” which hold the human “Qi”, a flow of energy passing throughout the body. For a curious “green hand”, I suggest you follow the simple practice method instead of memorizing those complicated acupuncture points as priority.

The major Jin of human body from traditional Chinese medication

The main concept of La Jin is to stretch yourself by following the above “major Jin of human body”. The informal way relies on patting the route of Jin by hands, if you coincidentally encountered the morning exercises of the elders in China, you may see the interesting scene (I will shoot some videos to note in the future.) Wanna know the formal way? To tell the truth, I felt surprised to see it at the first time. As soon as the La Jin Practice is born, the new invention called “La Jin bench”(拉筋凳) appeared at the same time. Instead of a western style running machine, La Jin bench, which offered a professional assistance to stretch the Jin, received huge popularity among Chinese people, especially the elders.

La Jin bench(La Jin Deng)--Traditional Chinese medical treatment

Seems crazy? I think the main reason for the mass pursuit of La Jin based on its advantage  of curing many chronic diseases not only cervical spondylosis.  What’s more, the key point is curing yourself rather than depending on the doctors.

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  1. richard cloutier says:

    Good article and quite coherant. Yes these stretching and concentration moves can also heighten circulation and improve muscle tone. If you are able but do not do regular exercise in work then these can help a lot over time. keeping bone joints in motion can keep them clar of excess fat an tinyy particles not easilly removed by regular activity.
    thank you, from richard, and more peace in your lives this holiday season.

    • Peerless says:

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      • Jaylon says:

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        • Felipe says:

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      • Kourtney says:

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        • Antonio says:

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    • Tim says:

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    • Claudenice says:

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  2. Venus Tang says:

    Thank you for such great info for helping people in pain. Do you know where to purchase the la jin bench. Any help is appreciated.

    Peace and great joy in you life.


    • Melody Wang says:

      Hi Venus,

      In China, we can buy it through the online shopping site
      easily by searching the Chinese keyword “拉筋凳” . I suggest you to ask a Chinese friend to help or ask the traditional Chinese clinic in your region for some purchase information.

      • Juelzy says:

        Prosze Cie z calego serca: nie paerstzwaj tworzyc Twojego blogu, poniewaz ten post byl dokladnie czyms, czego prawie od tygodnia szukalem. Dzieki.

      • Emmanuel says:

        This web site can be a walk-via for all of the data you wnetad about this and didn?t know who to ask. Glimpse right here, and you?ll undoubtedly uncover it.

  3. almow says:

    In Malaysia, La-jin bench can be bought from Rm 490 to Rm 690 for wood or metal-legged foldable types. Come in various length and width. Height is general standard height of a chair. Can contact me . Arrange your own transport in a saloon car .

    • Jonalyn says:

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      • Sofiaa says:

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      • Mary says:

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    • Moon says:

      Well done aitrcle that. I’ll make sure to use it wisely.

      • Hachani says:

        You shulod pay more attention to the Chinese web space and you will find evidence to the contrary of your comment. Many Chinese want to rise, colonize and dominate.

  4. William Fung says:

    Hi Melody,
    This is a very good article describing this La Jin Bench. I personally find it very helpful.
    I am very interested to buy this 拉筋凳 from China but the overseas shipping cost is quite high.
    Please let me know if you know someone interested to buy it together to save the shipping cost.
    I just post a craiglist link for this:
    and refer to this article as well.

  5. Alexis says:

    ovizan with all of the posts that you made on here, the CCP did not pay you eogunh for a debate class?Oh, I forgot, can’t teach an old dog new trick. LOL.

  6. Flame says:

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  7. almow says:

    I like la-jin exercise. It cured me of prostrate enlargement sickness. First I made my own La-Jin Bench to exercise but later all friends asked me to make for them.
    Now I end up making and selling La-Jin Benches throughout Malaysia ans Singapore!

  8. almow8 says:

    Lajin Exercise is very good indeed. I half-heartedly believe what Taoist Xiao Hongchi explained to me 2 and a half years ago . He said it can heal prostrate enlargement. But somehow I told myself to give it a try. After all there is nothing to lose.
    How to start? I want to do it the best method way. Those days nobody make and sell lajin Bench. I was forced to make one for myself. Within 6 months I cured my prostrate problem ! No operation. No toxic drugs.
    Soon many of my friends ask me to make lajin bench for them. They are all very understanding people. They insisted paying me for the benches.
    That’s how the idea of selling benches was born.

    Now I am helping people to heal themselves and make modest pocket money for myself. I enjoy doing this since makinf furniture is my DIY hobby after all.
    I price them between Rm 480 to Rm 790. There are 5 models to choose from ranging from non-foldable to foldabel types and cushion and non-cushion types.
    If anybody need help about lajin, Lajin Bench or Mr Xiao’s Book in English, pls contact me at .

  9. Hector says:

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    In fact, I always suggest to those overweight vegetarians to keep to a max
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  10. Chiropractic Beverly Hills says:

    WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for la jin

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