Rice Cooked in Bamboo Tubes

Last weekend, I went out of the town to a small village in the rural area with my younger brother and two friends of mine to get soman outdoor picnic in a village of Zhejiange fresh air. It was really a nice place for outdoor picnic surrounded by mountains and there was a small stream running by the village. Walking along the narrow muddy paths between the fields, we got to the river. The water there was very clear. We could see the pebbles at the bottom and the small fishes within the water. Then suddenly one of my friends noticed the bamboo cluster across the stream. She suggested we should cook bamboo rice. We all thought it was a great idea. Immediately we divided the labor. My friends turned back to the village to get necessary tools and materials. My brother was to dig a small cave at the river bank and pave stones around it. And I was to collect enough firewood to cook the rice.

the bamboo forest in a village of Zhejiang

The bamboo groves across the river

The bamboo shoots

The bamboo shoots

Preparation before cooking bamboo rice

Make a hole at one end

Luckily the river bank was scattered with plentiful dry twigs and branches off the trees standing by the river. The firewood I collected soon piled up while my brother was still doing his job. 🙂 A moment later, my friends were back with a saw & a firewood chopper borrowed from one of the villagers and some rice, sausages already sliced into pieces, chopsticks, etc. from a grocery store. We three started to wash the rice, sausages, etc. The rice should be immersed in water for at least 30 minutes. Then it would be easier to be cooked. After we got these things done, my brother also finished his work. As he was the only man in our group, we decided he was the one to cut down the bamboo. Without any complaints, he went to do that. 🙂 He cut down a bamboo tree and cut off several bamboo tubes with both ends closed, using the saw. Then he made a small hole at one end of each of the tubes. Through the hole, we started to fill rice and sausages in. When the rice and sausages took up three quarters of the inner space of one tube, we poured water in until it was full. One by one, we got all the bamboo tubes filled with rice, sausages and water. Then we collected several small stones and each fit into a hole perfectly to prevent the water from leaking out.

bamboo rice cooking-mixing rice with sausages

Fill the rice and sausages into the bamboo tubes

set fire to cook bamboo rice

The cooking place and bamboo on the fire

the delicious bamboo rice has already been to be eaten

The delicious rice

After that, we set a fire to the firewood in the cave and set up a cooking place above it. The bamboo tubes were placed on the firewood. It took over 30 minutes for the rice to be done. We turned the tubes over from time to time to make sure they were evenly heated. We waited patiently until the major surfaces of the bamboo turned into charcoal and a light scent of freshness and roasted rice came out. We put out the fire and sliced each tube into two pieces. The rice then was taken out of the bamboo. As expected, its taste was very pleasant with a mild aftertaste. We ate up the rice and then tidied up the place. After that we went back to the town. What an interesting experience it was! 🙂

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  1. Eddi says:

    I found just what I was neeedd, and it was entertaining!

  2. Nonie says:

    I could watch Schindler’s List and still be happy after raednig this.

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