The Most Crowded Bus

Recently I came across an interesting forum post. It was about the most crowded bus in the city of Chongqing. The poster described: “The moment the bus pulled into a bus stop, people waiting there swarmed towards the bus, fighting to squeeze in. Most of them succeeded but there were still 2 people who couldn’t cram themselves in yet were still persisting. Then there came the yell of the conductor: ‘Hey guys suck in your abdomen and move. Let the two get on.’ ” When I read this, I couldn’t help laughing my tears out. The poster really had a sense of black humor. His post aroused hot discussion among the viewers therefore there followed a lot of comments. I went through one by one and burst into laughter once again. One comment read: “I bought a piece of bread before I got on the bus and when I got off, I found the bread was squashed flat.” Another comment read: “Once I was sandwiched in between 3 women and 1 man with my feet leaving the ground.” And some one wrote: “I felt really gloomy to find that I was knocked out of the bus through the exit after I tried so much and got on the bus through the entrance.” And some one whose forum ID was “I am innocent” commented that the bus was very crowded and he didn’t know where to put his hands in order not to touch people around him. He was afraid he might be falsely accused of inappropriate touching so he crossed his hands in front of his own chest like an Oscar statuette to show his innocence. These were voices from ordinary people about public bus system in China’s cities. I believe many people in China have similar experiences. People who couldn’t afford to have a car often go to work by bus and with such a big population, the buses are always full of commuters during the rush hours. Here goes a comment which shows people’s heartfelt desire to change: “Every morning when I get up, I am full of strength and hopes for a bright future. But when I am faced with the fully packed bus, I am brought back to reality immediately. Every afternoon when I am off work, I feel dead tired and in dire need of a good rest. But I am reminded by the bus that it is not yet time to have a rest.”

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  1. richard cloutier says:

    Yes, I used to do a little temporary work in Boston mass. The environment in work was mixed but moving ahead, and the big city (compared to my small city of Salem mass, hometown, was a nice place to meet people. True the day in day out march to work is sometimes tiring. I see you have a more dynamic situation where some of your larger cities are designed with some fluidity of traffic flow and pedestrian service. Glad to see you have some very sharp drivers who avoid people that otherwise would be harmed. your heavy numbers of people seem to amaze me with their ability to cross busy streets and many lanes of traffic a lost tourist like me would need a crossing guard to do. (of course I can get “Shanghaid”(yuk yuk) with the best of them. anyway be well and I found your nation a refreshing place of reality beyond the hype and much better than I expected, which shows I was right about liking you guys all along. At least my formal education didn’t hand me so much hooey about others, and by now the others can take a back seat to progress as it really does happen. so there.

  2. AvermirmZem says:

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