A Recipe from My Mom

The last time I went back to my hometown, a small village which is about 2.5 hours drive away from Hangzhou, my mom cooked Mishaipa (米筛爬) for me. It is a local cuisine rarely known by people but very delicious hence it is one of my favorites. I ate two big bowls of Mishaipa, totally forgetting that I was on a diet to lose some weight. When I pretended to complain about that, my mom commented “When offered with delicious food, it’s hard to keep you from eating too much.” Of course, she was really happy and proud to re-confirm how her daughter liked the food she made. Mom is quite a competent housewife. She takes care of the family, paying attention to every detail. She is good at cooking and performing chores. She is always doing a good job as a wife and mother. I came back to Hangzhou with a recipe for Mishaipa. It’s because there was no such food in Hangzhou and my mom encouraged me to have a try by myself. I haven’t got time to make the food but would like to share the recipe as below with you.

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  1. richard cloutier says:

    Looks good as you say. The dough would be easy to stuff with wahtever can or is cooked, I always prefer cooked foods or even processed grains. anyway to make the dough less heavy, try some yeast, about a eith of a cake in the knead. Set the rolled dough in the fidge after it is rolled flat so it will rise evenly. Just like bread. then shape the next day and continue with the rst of the recipe as you show, quite nice and soothing. Of course the dough will soften quickly but a binder as dreged flour may help it stay together. I liek breads when they are light and almost cake like. You guys do well with some I have had and stuffing them like baozi or jiazi is great. the big ones are a special treat. I am good with mixed soft drinks like chocolate cocnut ice cream and medium creams flavored with vanilla with a variety of strawberry or pineapple syrups or pureed fruits like the smothies they selll now, quite some time after they were probably common fare to those with any kind of blender and how long have they been in use. Anyway nice idea, like I said breakfast in a very clean and modern presentation with an international flair as chocolate laced rolls, strawberry topped waffles and pancakes or apple consome’ topped or any popular fruit frsh or heated to heighten flavor and aroma.
    arrivederci! singnorina.

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