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To some degree, some movies make the impression of China a legend and anyone who feels interested in oriental culture would like to visit the unique and classical part of China. Kongfu movies “tempt” you to pursue a Kongfu dream, costume dramas(古装戏, Guzhuangxi, a type of films that usually concerns a typical Chinese historic period and well-known historical figures) make you feel the charming of Chinese long history, movies which reflect some special ethnic culture leaves audiences a fresh and colorful memories.

crouching tiger hidden dragonAs I know, Couching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (卧(wò)虎(hǔ)藏(cáng)龙(lóng)) by Yun-Fat Chow, Michelle Yeoh, Ziyi Zhang is widely known by many westerners. Besides these brilliant movies stars and excellent Chinese Kongfu, the esthetical fighting scene in a beautiful bamboo forest impresses lots of fans. In Chinese classic literature, plum of blossom (梅(méi)), orchid (兰(lán)), bamboo (竹(zhú)), and chrysanthemum (菊(jú)) is considered to be four gentlemen (四(sì)君(jūn)子(zǐ)), as figure of speech. Fans will have endless enthusiasm to follow the footprint of shooting scene in the movie. So hot focus is formed, Shunan Bamboo Sea (蜀南竹海) in Sichuan Province gains more recognition.

In 2008, the Hollywood Kongfu Panda smartly combines the cute panda with Chinese Kongfu, makes this national treasure greater influence and expands its international brand. The Giant Panda Breeding Research Base in Chengdu (成都大熊猫繁育研究基地), the Wolong Nature Reserve in Wenchuan (汶川卧龙自然保护区) and Bifengxia Panda Base in Ya’an (雅安碧峰峡熊猫基地), are the most visited panda breeding bases, provide the visitors a totally different experience to get close to giant pandas, rather in some of their local zoos.

Avatar, the outstanding movie this year, since the debate of the genuine prototype of “Hallelujah Mountain”, more people acquaint Zhangjiajie with its magnificence and wonderfulness of those mountain peaks.

I remember last year, Louise Wallace, a journalist of Travel Weekly Magazine based in Australia contact our company to assist him to complete their “China Travel” column. One question he asked me is “China is a big country, so it is hard to get around and see everything, accessibility is limited?” I answered him as “China is a multiracial country with 55 ethnic groups, with an area of 9.6 million square kilometers. As you said, it is indeed impossible for tourists to see everything during one vacation; even few Chinese people have explored all the cities in China. However, foreign friends can certainly have an essence China tour when they first come here. As I mentioned before, cities like Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, and Guilin are the most popular destinations for foreigners to visit because these cities are the most representative ones to show the charming of China. They blend in various traditional “elements” including ancient China relics, modern China buildings, amazing China nature wonders, and ethnic cultures, which leave foreign visitors a novel China impression.”

As China embraces more to outside world, the most basic classic China tour including Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and Guilin has no longer been the uniqueness of representative China image, to some degree, Hua Yao Xin Niang-a film shot in Shiping, Honghe, Yunnanmovie is a pretty good medium to show the natural scenery and local culture of a country. Personally speaking, I prefer movies featured with ethnic minority culture most, because the diversified villages of different ethnic group and those colorful festivals leave me a deep impression like fresh air in the green valley. I remember during my college time I watched a less popular movie shot in Yunnan Province, called “Hua Yao Xin Niang” (花腰新娘), a story about a newly-wedded couple of Yi Nationality. I was strongly immersed in the vivid ethnic culture in the film, and then search the shooting spot—Shiping (石屏), a small county in Honghe, Yunnan. Emm, I will surely visit there during my next Yunnan trip.

If the process of exploration is full of unexpected things but joyful feelings, why not follow the footprints of your favorite movie?

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  1. richard cloutier says:

    Yes there is a strong sense of what is going on with the dramatised efforts to display
    history in the action packed movies of some genres of film. I found many in my beggining years of exposure to television. It was a partial help in historical events in gettung us to want to learn and ignore what we should ignore. Presently I find the culture and history of china serving me well through the local libaries and internet sources that are quickly and freely read such as WIKIPEDIA and MSN or GOOGLE which have extensive knowledge of just about any subject. To optimise the results of seking knowledge in such vast fields of accumultaion it is best to focus in and decide the true course within these resources. I found much noteworthy stories of magnates of P.R. china, in WWII times bringing people from europe to freely and with generous aid from chinese citizens settle in china where no none else would help. Quite laudable of them and not so unexpected. Some older chinese historical pieces superbly done were of the traditional peasant views and mores. one of them “THE GOOD EARTH” were an attempt to calmy present a vast subject as china and the chinese. Sure there were others via hollywood and foreign film studios and producers, the French producers did some as well as others, some in the 18oos and of
    actual events. Much to consider then as china stretched its’ intellect and its’ efforts.
    something everyine can point to with pride.

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