A Trip to the Western China – Part One

I live in the east of China. The far distance from the Western China made me always curious about everything in the west. One of my dreams is to uncover the mystery of the west. Finally, I grabbed a chance to visit Qinghai and Gansu during the National Holiday of China (first week in Oct.). Those two provinces are not that west, but rather in the middle of China. However, for me, it is the west. The whole trip lasted six days, started from Xining, Qinghai and ended in Lanzhou, Gansu. After one month’s preparation, I started my trip from Xining. Let me make a brief introduction of this city.

  • The red part is my trip.

Xining is a typical Islamic city in China established about 2100 years ago. It is the capital of Qinghai Province, and is one of the traffic hubs in northwest China. The city is the starting points of Qinghai-Tibetan Railway and Qinghai-Tibetan Expressway, thus Xining is often regarded as the beginning of a Tibetan tour. Flight services are available in Xining to Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an and some other big cities in Mainland China.

The city situates in the semi-arid continental plateau climate area, the main characteristics are low air pressure, abundant sunshine, small amount of annual rainfall and high evaporation. The city’s sunlight is so bright, which will pierce your skin to some extent, even during cool weather. Suntan oil is a must for a Xining tour. Luckily, I brought a good sunscreen with me, so I did not get a tan.

As I am always obsessed with food from different places, so do allow me to start with the food in Xining. Xining provides visitors a great variety of Hui and Han food. Numerous restaurants have set up around the Da Shizi(大十字) and Ximen(西门) areas, with delicious vegetables or meat Shaguo (a casserole clay pot) dishes. If you want to try the local flavors, better go to Shuijing Xiang(水井巷) Food Market, where dumplings and lamb kebabs are abundant. But many of food (mainly barbecue food) are too oily in this market. If you prefer western cuisines, the best choice is go to Xin Tian Di(新天地) Restaurant where terrific western food is on serve.

As a typical Islamic city, Islamic food is everywhere in Xining. The food was clean and sanitary which I really appreciated. Here are some photos I took.

Islamic Restaurant in Xining, Qinghai, China

  • Muslim noodles, I don’t like it so much personally.

Staff of Islamic Restaurant in Xining, Qinghai, China

  • Staff in the restaurant.

Breakfast in Xining, Qinghai, China

  • My breakfast, yummy, cost 6 RMB in total.

Food Market in Xining, Qinghai, China

  • Bought some of the food, not very good, but ok.
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