Official Public Holidays in China

I have just arranged a 4 days Beijing and Xian tour for my client–Jennifer from September 25th to 28th,2010. As this quotation was confirmed on September 21st and the departure date was nearly our national day holiday, it made me mad to buy one soft-sleeper train ticket from Beijing to Xian. In China, you usually can buy the train ticket 11 days before the departure date. But during holidays periods, especial Spring Festival and National Day, the train tickets are always sold out at once when the train tickets are released.

Each year we have seven official public holidays, they are New year Day, Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, May Day,Dragon boat Festival,Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. During these holidays, train tickets are always in high demand. You will see a large of crowded people getting together at railway station in advance to buy their train ticket home. At the same time, less discounted air tickets will be available, hotels price will be higher than normal, and all the famous attractions will be full of people.

Are you planning your trip to China next year? If your travel plan meets China holidays, try to ask a travel agency in China for help(highly recommend Absolute China Tours,^_^,^_^,^_^)and make your decision as early as possible. Then the travel agency will have enough time to arrange everything for you from tickets, hotels to car transfer service and make your tour smoothly. If you time is flexible and you will make your plan on your own, be sure to avoid these holidays. You will not only save your money but make your trip more comfortable as well.

Here are China holidays in 2011.

New Year’s Day: January 1st to 3rd

Spring Festival: February 2nd to 8th

Qingming Festival: April 4th to 6th

May Day: April 29th to May 1st

Dragon Boat Festival: June 6th to 8th

Mid-autumn Festival: September 12th to 14th

National Day: October 1st to 7th

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