What happened next? – By Merry Ann V. Verga

What happened next? I still take the same route! J Still figuring out which place to visit next, I decided to take some time browsing through some pages, articles about traveling in china just to be specific. While I was checking some forums, I came across a Mt. Everest Base Camp Experience more than a zillion times, and was wondering where this mountain could be located.  So, I asked a friend of mine where it was, trust me I never expected her to say Nepal..or I think what she said was at the border of Nepal and China..(not much of a memory huh?) I just couldn’t believe it! All these time I was thinking Mt. Everest is somewhere in the US or if not the North Pole?? To my surprise, I laughed so hard that I nearly choked myself. With a fresh info in mind, I decided to make a call to a certain friend from the Philippines and asked the same..(Well, I was just checking if he’s smarter than I am… hahaha!) Guess what he answered..US! Least now I know we’ve got the same IQ.

Anyway, remember from my first article I mentioned about tofu and dumplings? Now I’ve got a new set of selection..real Chinese food. Two new friends of mine who are Chinese brought me to where they usually eat, and as soon as I checked what the menu was for the day…I was aghasted…more tofu!!! (hahahaha…different styles)

For seven days in a row I haven’t got any chance to visit other places aside from the usual route that I take every day. Just last weekend, I decided to take some pictures of the night sky, and so I dressed myself up into a comfy pair of sneakers, jeans, tank top, and a jacket just in case it rains. From where I’m staying, it took me at least 5 minutes to reach a local park where you can see a lot of people enjoying their chats with family and friends with a great view of the Grand Canal. While I was strolling along the side of the canal I heard music from the other corner from where I was. To my curiosity I followed the music and found myself standing right in front of a singing/dancing group.  Most of them were on their happy senior years while the rest were at their late 20’s I believe. The moves were quite different from the typical dancing I see on tv like breaking their necks (not literally though), twisting of legs, successive nodding of heads to every beat of the music, but the steps I see suggested something else…something fragile and traditional…It was as if they were exercising.

After seeing their performance, I opted to hit back towards home..around 10-15minute hike and get a good night rest. While I was walking down the busy street, suddenly I felt my tummy grumbling…I was hungry! So as to satisfy the level of my utils, I dropped by at a convenience store (C-store) and grabbed myself some..uhmm..tofu?? Definitely! Sorry, I really am a tofu addict (don’t worry there are a lot of food you can choose from). To top everything, I just did one thing for the whole week..experiencing Niuyangge at the park!

So far this is all I can share for now. Hope I can get more good travel experiences on my next article.

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  1. Wilson says:

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  2. Merry Ann says:

    Hi wilson, what is homestay anyway? Is that the same as staying with a local family and learning mandarin in exchange with english? For now, I am eyeing more on Hangzhou’s attractions then next will be Shanghai as it is nearer than Beijing..i think 🙂
    Do you have any suggestion/s as to where i can fully have an amazing travel experience?

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